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Ming Dynasty Kraak Porcelain Charger,

Wanli, Jingdezhen, c1595-1610

Rinaldi, Border VII.1, type a,

Very well painted in a rich silvery underglaze blue,
the central roundel depicting a bird perched upon a rock
amongst branches of blossoming chrysanthemums and other flora,
the rounded cavetto with richly diapered border,
the rim with large shaped panels of peaches, pomegranates, birds and chrysanthemums,
divided by narrow panels of jewels;
the verso also well painted with shaped panels of peach sprays and narrow panels of lingzhi
12.25" Diameter, 2" High

Ref : illus. pl. 87, p.98-9



Late Ming Dynasty Kraak Charger,  China, c1635-50, with "Dutch Flowers"


Late Ming Dynasty Kraak Charger
China, c1635-50
Rinaldi, Border IX, with "Dutch Flowers"
Painted in vibrant blues with Iznik style flowers (tulips and carnations)
the central roundel depicting a vase of carnations, tulips and various flora with three butterflies
the outer border with eight large panels, four with Iznik style flowers,
and four with figures carrying fish and various goods,
the underside with 7 large well painted floral sections and narrow panels of lingzhi and bamboo
Ref : See Rinaldi, "Kraak Porcelain", p. 112-116 for a discussion of Border IX,
and a similar example with figural center, p. 112.

12-5/8" Diameter / 2.25" High



Ming / Transitional Figural Kraak Charger , China, 1635-50, Rinaldi, Border IX 


Ming / Transitional Figural Kraak Charger
China, 1635-50, Rinaldi, Border IX 
Finely decorated with a figural center and border,
the central roundel having two Chinese figures in discussion on a garden terrace
surrounded by a band of Iznik style flowers and stylized leaves,
the border with four panels of further Iznik like flowers (tulips)
alternating with panels of Chinese laborers in landscapes;
verso with a sprig of blooming prunus, and one of bamboo
Literature : This type of figural painting and border is discussed at length in
"Kraak Porcelain", Rinaldi, Border IX, pp.112-116.

12.5" Diameter x 2.25" High




Late Ming Dynasty Figural Kraak Charger

Jingdezhen, China, c1635-50 / Rinaldi, Border IX, with "Dutch Flowers"

Painted in vibrant blues, centering figures on a garden terrace,
surrounded by Iznik style flowers "Dutch Flowers", the roundel border of floral scrolls,
the outer border with 8 large panels separated by 8 narrow panels of further Iznik (Dutch) flora and small scrolls;
the underside with 8 panels depicting the three friends of winter
printed paper label : "Lurie Collection"
12-5/8" Diameter / 2.25" High



17th Century Blanc de Chine Libation Cup, Late Ming / Early Kangxi, c1640-1670, Fujian Province (Dehua) 


17th Century Blanc de Chine Libation Cup

Late Ming / Early Kangxi, c1640-1670, Fujian Province (Dehua)

In the "rhinoceros horn" form with soft milky glaze & fourteen lobes,

one side cast with a deer beneath pine branches,
the other with a chilong beneath a four-clawed dragon emerging from clouds
and a prunus spray, three branches cast three-dimensionally at each end

2.25" High / 4" Long / 3" Wide




Kangxi Famille Verte Small 'Tankard'

China, c1662-1722

Brightly but sparingly enameled with peony and chrysanthemum sprays
heightened with gilt, simple loop handle;
the verso with an underglaze blue linzhi
An almost identical mug, but decorated purely in underglaze blue,
is shown in fig. 21 in "Tankards and Mugs", Jorge Welsh, 2016,
as well as p.21, Pl. 25, "Chinese Porcelain", Duncan MacIntosh, 1994.

4" High, 4.25" Wide Over Handle

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Kangxi Large Porcelain Lobed & Scalloped 'Hunt' Plate, China, c1680-1700,  apocryphal Chenghua (Ming Dynasty 1465-87) six character mark 


Kangxi Porcelain Large Scalloped 'Hunt' Plate,

'Chenghua Mark' Verso

China, c1680-1700

The large thinly potted lobed dish with scalloped rim,

very well painted in a bright blue with a Mongolian hunting scene

depicting two hunters on horseback hunting two hares within a mountainous landscape,

within a border of stylized scrolling lotus, alternating with eight Buddhist symbols

10.5" Wide



Fine Kangxi Fluted & Scalloped Blue & White Plate, Fretted Sqare Verso, China, c1700


Fine Kangxi Fluted & Scalloped Blue & White Plate

China, c1700

The finely potted and fluted body with scalloped rim.
painted with peony sprays within
an outer- and roundel- border of cloud scrolls,
the verso centering a fretted square within concentric circles
bordered by three prunus branches in bloom
9.5" Diameter




Pair of Kangxi Porcelain 'Deer & Crane' Cups

China, c1700 

The thinly potted small bowls, either for tea or wine,
with everted and fluted rim and painted in vibrant blue with
scenes of deer beneath flying cranes and pine trees amidst rockwork;

the interior with a standing deer beneath a pine tree;
Kangxi underglaze double blue circle verso

2.5" High / 3.75" Diameter



Kangxi Blue & White Silver-Mounted Porcelain Tea Caddy, China, c1700 


Kangxi Blue & White Silver-Mounted Porcelain Tea Caddy, China, c1700 
Dutch Silver Mounts, Cover & Collar with 1814 Small Articles Sword

& Illegible Maker's Marks
Painted in bright blues with four horizontal panels,
each panel depicting bamboo with three seated parrots,
the neck and cover with engraved silver mounts :
the domed cushioned cover with a horizontal flowerhead and foliage scrolled band,
and a pointed knop finial
6" High / 2-5/8" Across Shoulders




Rare William III / Queen Anne Heavy Baluster Goblet
England, c1700-1710 
The deep round funnel-shaped bowl having a solid base with lower teared extrusion
above a thick inverted baluster stem with elongated tear,
raised on a domed folded foot
Ref : A quite similar glass is illustrated in "Investing in Georgian Glass", Ward Lloyd, p.38,
differing only in the shape of the internal baluster tear
7" High / The Bowl & Foot Each 3.5" Wide / 17 oz



George I Two-Teared Heavy Baluster Wine Glass, c1720


George I Two-Teared Heavy Baluster Wine Glass

England, c1720

The bell bowl having a solid base with single tear
above a stem with upper annulated knop over an inverted baluster
with a further tear, and a basal knop,
the foot, domed and folded
6.5" High, The Rim 3" Wide, The Foot 3" Wide / 8.1oz.

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George I / II Baluster Cordial or Gin Glass
England, c1720-30, 5.5" High
A rare small baluster cordial or gin glass with good grey color,
the bell bowl with solid base above a solid stem
headed by a 3-ringed annular knop over a central ball knop and flattened basal knop,
raised on a round and folded foot;

these small glasses are "uncommon"

5.25" High / 2.5" Wide, The Foot / 4 oz.



Rare George I Glass Taperstick
England, c1720
The heavy walled bowl over a 'tapering baluster' stem,
applied terraced folded foot and rough pontil
the foot verso with an old collector's pen inscribed label
4.25" High / The Foot, 2" Diameter / 2.2 oz.



George I / II Baluster Wine Glass, Large Annular Teared Knop


George I / II Baluster Wine Glass

Large Annular Teared Knop,

England, c1720-30

The bell bowl having a solid base above a short rudimentary section and
a wide annular teared knop, a further rudimentary section below with an elongated tear,
raised on a domed circular folded foot with snapped pontil
6" High / 2.5" The Rim / 2-5/8" The Foot / 6.6 oz.

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Rare George II Composite Stem Glass Candlestick, England, 1740


Rare George II Composite Stem Glass Candlestick

England, c1740

Of rare large size and heavy weight,
the panel moulded deep sconce having wide drip pan
and continuing into shallow beaded knop over an inverted Silesian stem,
above annulated rings and a further beaded baluster knop;
moulded high domed helmet foot with snapped pontil
Ref : A similar glass in green is pictured, "The Golden Age of Glass, 1650-1775",
Dwight P. Lanman, p. 232-3, Pl. 81
10.25" High / 5.5" The Foot / 4" The Nozzle / 23.5 oz.

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Pair of George II Brass Petal Base Candlesticks
England, c1740

Of heavy gauge, the seamed brass candlesticks with petal bases
below a standard with a threaded swelling
with a threaded bladed knop above,
the long candlecups cast with flaring drip-pans

6.5" High, The Foot 4-5/8" Wide / 26.4 oz.

.5" High

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Chinese Export Porcelain Tankard, "Valentine Pattern"

Early Qianlong, c1745-50

Painted in famille rose enamels and gilt with a breadfruit tree
beside two flaming hearts on the altar of love,
two kissing doves perched on a Cupid's bow and a quiver of arrows,
and a gilt flower-draped trellis work,
all below an elaborate shell and scroll gilt upper border
the flaring footim with gild flowerhead and scroll decoration;
the loop handle ending in a heart
Height : 5.5"



George II Jacobite Drawn Trumpet Wine Glass


George II Jacobite Drawn Trumpet Wine Glass

England, c1750

A delicate and elegant drawn trumpet bowl
engraved with six-petalled rose with convex centers,
sided by an opening bud to one side, and an unopened bud to the other,
above an elongated plain stem raised on a conical foot with snapped pontil
6.5" High
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George II Engraved Pan-Topped 'Mercury Twist' Wine Glass


George II Engraved Pan-Topped 'Mercury Twist' Wine Glass
England, c1750 

The pan-topped bowl having an engraved floral border to the rim,
each side with a 4- and 6-petalled flowers and fern-like foliage (possibly a Scottish rose),
the straight stem with a single series air twist and a pair of corkscrews or "mercury twists",
slightly domed conical foot, snapped pontil
6.25" High

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Pair of George III Facet-Cut Glass Candlesticks, c1770


Pair of George III Facet-Cut Glass Candlesticks

England, c1770

Of fine quality, flat-cutting and weight,
the faceted sconces with dentelated drip rims over faceted nozzles over an annulated knop,
the diamond-faceted stems raised high domed feet with flat scalloped rims,
rough pontil scar to each verso
10.5" High, The Foot, 6" Wide / 52.4 oz Total Weight (4 lbs. 4.4 oz.)

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Fine George III Cut & Engraved Glass Decanter

Jacobite Sympathy

England, c1770

Of heavy weight, well cut and engraved,
the body centering a ferny leaf spray having three 6-petaled concave roses and buds,
and a further spray with a 6-petaled concave rose and buds
below a jaybird in flight with small leafy spray,
the neck cut with horizontal and vertical ribs, the base with two rows of vertical fluting;
10. 5" High / 4.5" Wide at Base / 32.7 oz.

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Fine George III Well Engraved Masonic Mallet Decanter

England, c1780

The ovoid mallet form body with three applied neck rings,
the body profusely engraved with numerous Masonic symbols,
above a Masonic Pavement of checkerboard pattern
that continues around the decanter base above a diapered and tasseled drapery;
polished pontil with good edge foot wear;
bull's eye stopper with frosted base, and frosted neck interior
11" High / The Base, 4" Wide




George III Engraved Decanter
England, c1780,
Arms of Gleane of Hardwick, Norfolk

Of Prussian form, engraved to the front with the arms
for the family of Gleane, Hardwick, Norfolk,
above the inscription "Perfect", and the number 23346,
lozenge form stopper; lightly polished pointil
9.75" High




Two 19th Century Welsh 'Love Spoons'

The left example : 19th Century Treen Love Spoon,

carved with Hearts and Commas (soul, deep affection), 10.25" Long

The right example : Early 19th Century Treen Love Spoon

carved with Hearts, Commas, Champagne Glasses, and Wheels 

(lifetime support) and Spade Bowl (I will work for you), 7.25" Long

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James I / Charles I Carved & Marquetry Small Oak Joined Chest

Yorkshire, likely Leeds, c1610-30

Of desirable small proportions with two-board flat hinged top ,
the case with two intricate holly-inlaid marquetry panels
depicting carnations, tulips and scrolling foliage,
within three guilloche-carved uprights and below a leaf-form lunette-carved top rail;
foliate steel lock escutcheon; the apron with scroll-carved and punch-decorated spandrels; stile feet
See Victor Chinnery, "Oak Furniture: The British Tradition", p. 277 & 426-430,
for several pieces of comparable inlaid furniture attributed to the Leeds area.

28" High / 36.8" Wide / 18" Deep




George I Walnut Oyster-Veneered Bureau

England, c1720-30

With rich color and patination,
the interior with stepped fittings including a marquetry stair-step drawer

and a small writing surface to the fall front
43" High x 39" Wide

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18th Century Dutch Fruitwood Gingergread Mould


18th Century Dutch Fruitwood Gingergread Mould


18th Century Dutch Fruitwood Gingergread Mould :

A two-sided panel with three incised carvings:

one side with the mould of a Royal Carriage,

the reverse carved with a heart shaped mould, inscribed

"St. Nicholaas Geschenk"("St. Nicholas Gift"),

above a mermaid with harp & large handled basket or cooking pot;

18.5" High x 9.25" Wide; Thickness, 1.25"



Good George II Pierced Serpentine Brass & Iron Footman, England, c1750


Good George II Pierced Serpentine Brass & Iron Footman

England, c1750

The top depicting a crowned lio, (England), unicorn (Scotland),
and a harp (Ireland, all centering a ship's wheel
amongst shamrocks, a thistle, three Tudor roses and a lute;
the frontal frieze pierced with a pseudo coat of arms,

Ref : Gentle & Feild, "Domestic Metalwork 1640-1820", p.352;

suggesting use of the heraldic lion, unicorn and harp indicating

made for a government official or courthouse

17" High x 24" Long x 10" Deepr




Unusual George III Mahogany & Marquetry Octagonal Tripod Table

England, c1770

The octagonal tilt top having radiating veneered bands of mahogany
alternating with sycamore, centering a single sycamore flowerhead,
raised on a turned tapering shaft with lower wythern turned knop,
the cabriole legs ending in pad feet; beautiful color

27" High / 30.5" Wide

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George III Brass-Bound Small Mahoany Oval Tray, England, c1770, Attributed to Gillows


George III Brass-Bound Small Mahogany Oval Tray
England, c1770, Attributed to Gillows
An unusually small tray of oval form with carved scrolling twin handles,

retaining excellent color and patination; no splits to base
20.8" Wide, 13" Deep, 2" High

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George III Diminutive Cuban Mahogany Dressing Chest. England, c1780


George III Diminutive Cuban Mahogany Dressing Chest

England, c1780

Of heavy dense welll figured timbers,

the compact size with good color and patination,
the trop drawer fitted with a baize inset slide retracting to reveal
a ratcheting dressing mirror and divided compartments :

   above a long drawer sided by lopers and two further graduated drawers;
raised on bracket feet

31.6" High x 36.4" Wide x 22.3" Deep

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George III Diminutive Cuban Mahogany Dressing Chest. England, c1780


(Open with mirror and compartments showing)


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Eugenio Lucas Y Padilla
Spain, 1824-1870
Two Miniature Cathedral Interior Paintings

Each oil on Copper
A follower of both Diego Velazquez and Francisco Goya,

Lucas Y Padilla's work, due to its quality and subject matter,

has often been mis-attributed to the masters, particularly to Goya.
His work resides in many museum collections,

including the Museum or Modern Arts and Metropolitan Museum in New York,
British Museum, London, and the Museo Romantico in Madrid.
His auction record is to 6 figures, with many being quite small,

as this remarkably executed pair.
Image Size : 6" x 4.25" and 5" x 3.75" (not yet framed)
In Stock, Not Yet Framed


Grigori Stephanovich Vasetski, Ukraine,


Grigori Stephanovich Vasetski, Ukraine,

"A Summer Landscape", 1963 

Oil on Board
Signed in Cyrillic, and inscribed in Cyrillic verso
Housed in a 22K Giltwood Custom Frame

A strong vibrant post impressionist work by

Grigori Stephanovich Vasetski,

whose paintings are in the collection of the National Art Museum (Kiev)

as well as private art collections in Germany, UK, France and the United States.

Image Size : 19.5" x 27.5"



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Elizabeth I / James I Scratch EngravedSilver Bodkin with Earspoon

England, c1600-1620,

The tapering stem with an ear-scoop wider end,
above a small round hole at the for threads as well as and hanging
and elongated hole for ribbons
both sides having rudimentary scratched engraving
with a tapering stem, a hole, a slot and an ear-scoop
3.75" Long / 0.125oz.




Charles II Silver Child's Trefid Spoon

Steven Venables Junior, London, 1684


Of good gauge silver for the period,
the oval bowl with a raised rat-tail joined to flat shaft and trefid terminal,
the terminal reverse with scratch initials 'F*N'
5-5/8" Long /.7 oz.



Rare William & Mary Silver Trefid Sweetmeat Fork

'TN Crowned', England, c1690

Engraved to each side with stylized foliage and an oval at the rounded-shoulder trefid terminal;
marked with TN crowned within a shaped punch;

the oval with possible remains of very small scratched initials
Comments to the rarity of the trefid forks appear in

Silver Flatware, English, Irish and Scottish, 1660-1980', (Ian Pickford), p.77 :
'These are very rare,

the fork only just coming into general use in England at the end of the 17th century..."

3-7/8in. Long / 0.25 oz.





James II / William & Mary Small Silver 'Tumbler Cup'
Roger Strickland, London, c1690

 A small cup of deep round form,
having a matted ('sharkskin') surface below a plain and reeded rim;
maker's mark struck thrice
1-1/8" High / 1-7/8" Wide / 0.6oz.





William & Mary Silver Teardrop Nutmeg Grater,England, c1690-1700, Unmarked


William & Mary Silver Teardrop Nutmeg Grater,

England, c1690-1700, Unmarked

Of good gauge silver having a hinged opening to both the top and base,
the cover with scratched owner's initials "I T",
nut storage space inside and the hinged base opening to a metal rasp
1" High / 1.25" Long (closed) / 3.25" (fully open) / .7 oz.




Rare Queen Anne Silver Child's 'Mug'
Matthew Cooper, London, 1705-6
Possibly a child's or christening mug,
the body centering a vacant cartouche within fish scale and scroll chasing,
sided by a gadrooned upper girdle between engraved vertical leaflets,
a lower band of chased upright lobes and flutes
between further engraved leaflets and trellis diapering
3.5" High / 2.5" Diameter (Top), 2.75" (Base) / 3.76ozs

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Queen Anne Hanoverian Ivory-Mounted 'Britannia Standard' Spoon, England, 1704-5


Queen Anne Britannia Standard Rattail Serving Spoon
Silver & Ivory Mounts, London, 1704-5, Without Maker's Mark
The ovoid serving spoon bowl with rattail attachment
above a finely reeded and beaded silver ferrule
and a well turned ivory handle
9.25" Long, The Bowl, 2.75" / 1.5oz. Total

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Rare George II Britannia Standard Marrow Spoon, Andrew Archer 1718


Rare George I Britannia Standard Marrow Spoon,

Andrew Archer, London,1718

Of heavy gauge silver, the ovoid bowl with rattail attachment to a long narrow scoop;
excellent marks to the verso (Grimwade, #84); the scoop end with remains of a crest :
a griffin's head erased, in mouth a branch

9" Long / 2 oz.

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Rare Pair George I Britannia Silver Octagonal Casters, Thomas Bamford, London, 1722 


Pair of George I 'Britannia' Silver Octagonal Casters

Thomas Bamford, London, 1722

Of heavy gauge silver, each unengraved caster of octagonal bellied form
raised on a conforming octagonal stepped foot,
the domed pierced octagonal covers surmounted by a knopped finial,
each with interior silver removable sleeve to regulate sifting flow;
fully marked verso, the covers with lions' heads erased
each with additional scratched N760 inventory marks
5.25" High / Foot Width, 2" / 11.5 oz.




George I Engraved Silver Snuff Box
Unmarked, England, c1720-1725
Of very heavy gauge silver, the lift-off lid nicely engraved with
six draped figures and accompanied by a dog,
all dancing within classical ruins before a wooded landscape;
reeded base, sides and cover; gilt interior
2-5/8" Long / 2.3 oz.

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George I Silver 'Tumbler Cup'
James Goodwin, London, 1723
Of heavy gauge silver,
the small cup of deep circular form,
having a rolled and gilt rim with gilt interior;
with very good marks
1.5" High / 2" Wide / 1.4 oz.

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Scarce Early George II Silver "Tot Cup"
Thomas Parr II, London, 1730
The small silver tot cup with flaring folded rim and cast spreading foot;
marked verso; without engravings or erasures
1-7/8" High / 2" Wide / 1.2 oz.

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Early George II Silver Tot Cup, William Paradise, London, 1732 


Scarce Early George II Silver Tot Cup

William Paradise, London, 1732

The small silver tot cup with flaring folded rim and cast spreading foot
the verso with contemporary scratch-engraved initials C over W.M;
marks verso : maker's mark (Grimwade #3250), date mark R, and lion passan
2.5" High, 2-3/8" Diameter (Rim) / 2.2 oz.
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George II Silver Armorinal Tobacco Box

England, c1730, Arms of the Earls of Ashburnham

The round silver tobacco box waisted circular form
having a detachable lid with reeded border and
engraved with the arms of the Earls of Ashburnham,
likely John Ashburnham, 1st Earl Ashburnham and Viscount St Asaph.

The chief seat of the Ashburnham family was Ashburnham Place, near Battle,
where they had been settled from about the end of the 12th century until 1953.

2.25" Diameter / 1.3oz.



Rare George II Silver Saucer-Form Wine Taster, Joseph Sanders, London 1738 


Rare George II Silver Saucer-Form Domed Wine Taster
Joseph Sanders, London, 1738


In the "Bordeaux" circular saucer form,
having a flared rim and high domed central section, the dome rising above the sides;
fully marked to the outer side;
this form considered by some to be the "only true early English silver wine taster".
4" Diameter / 3.2 oz.



George II Irish Silver Embossed Helmet Cream Jug, c1750


George II Irish Silver Embossed Helmet Cream Jug, c1750

Marks Beneath Handle Rubbed

Of heavy gauge silver with shaped rim over a body chased in the Rococo taste :
the upper section with long-necked birds among scrolls and flowers,
and lower section with scrolling leaves and shells,
the legs headed by lion masks and ending in paw feet
4.5" High / 5 oz.

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George II Silver Sexfoil Taperstick with Crested Bobeche, John Cafe, London, 1756


George II Silver Sexfoil Taperstick with Crested Bobeche

John Cafe, London, 1756

The a crested bobeche having a shell rim,
the shaped stem having shell decoration to the shoulders and a lower threaded knop,
the spreading foot edged by six stylized shells,
a crest appearing also at the base of the stem :
an ear of rye / a stalk of wheat (Fairbairns 154.1)
for Affleck, Auchenleek (Scotland), Horsman, and Johnson (Northumberland);
5.25" High / 5.5 oz.



Early George III Cast Rococo Silver Taperstick, Hex Foil Base, William Gould, London, 1760 


Early George III Cast Rococo Silver Taperstick

William Gould, 'Sexfoil' Shell Base, London, 1760

Of heavy gauge silver,
the spool form nozzle with removable "sexfoil" shell bobeche,
over a standard with shell and threaded knops,
resting on a "sexfoil" shell base;
fully marked to the verso
5.25" High / 5.7 oz




Pair George III Silver Clustered-Column Candlesticks

William Cafe, London, 1768
with Jacobite Interest :

for the Dukes of Gordon, from Letterfourie House (by Robert Adam)

A truly impressive design reflecting 17th century Huguenot design,
the standards with five banded columns below cast upright acanthus sconces
and removable French gadrooned sconces,
each cast cinquefoil base with acanthus decoration within a gadrooned border
and an oval boss with engraved Gordon crest and motto:

'A Hart's Head Couped ppr.', and Motto : 'Dum Sisto Vigilo'

12" High / The Foot, 6.25" Wide

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Very Scarce George III Hanoverian Silver Two-Prong Serving Fork, John Lambe, London, 1787 


Scarce George III Hanoverian Silver Two-Prong Serving Fork
John Lambe, London, 1787 
The wide-spread tines with v-shape at their base,
the terminal upturned in the usual Hanoverian manner
Marks : I.L in a distinct oval, Grimwade #1473 registered 1782
8" Long / Width at end of tines, 1-7/8" / 2.1 oz.




George III Silver 3-Part Wine Funnel, David Hennell II & Samuel Hennell
London, 1802, together with a
George III Scottish Silver Wine Funnel Stand
Edward Livingstone of Dundee (active 1794-1824)

Edinburgh c1800

Each with reeded rims,

the funnel centering a deep strainer with flower-form piercing;
the push-on detachable curved spout with lower flutes and banded center;
also with detachable inner unmarked muslin ring
5" High / 3.35 oz.
The stand domed form, and arked verso with provincial maker's mark,
standard mark and duty mark only.
3.9" Wide / 1.5 oz.



Rare Form of Georgian Provincial Silver Marrow Scoop, "Reverse Bowl", Marked A S twice, c1800-25, Possibly Scottish 


Georgian Provincial Silver "Reverse Scoop" Marrow Scoop

Marked twice 'A S', possibly Scottish


Rare Form of Georgian Provincial Silver Marrow Scoop, "Reverse Bowl", Marked A S twice, c1800-25, Possibly Scottish 


(Corresponding Mark to Alexander Stewart, Inverness, and Tain, c1800-1825)

Of rare elongated tapering form, the squared off bowls facing in opposite directions,
marked twice at the waist A S in a rectangular punch, the reverse side with contemporary
conjoined script monogram 'JWB' or 'TWB' with flourishes

8.5" Long / 1.8 oz.

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Scarce Pair of George III Silver Nutcrackers, Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, 1802


Very Scarcce Pair George III Silver Nutcrackers

Phipps & Robinson, London,1803

Of heavy gauge silver, the reversible nutcrackers with a central pivot
between ribbed paddles extending into tapering cylindrical and reeded handles
ending in reeded ball finials; fully marked

5.25" Long / 4.4 oz.

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George IV Silver Waiter, William Bateman, London 1825


George IV Silver Waiter

William Bateman, London 1825

Of quite heavy gauge silver, the round waiter (or small salver) with gadrooned rim

around a plain field centering the contemporary arms of Goodwyn :

raised on three paw feet issuing from acanthus leaves

7" Diameter / 10.4 oz.

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Fine William IV Silver Military Thread Basting Spoon, Paul Storr, London, 1835


Fine William IV Silver Military Thread Basting Spoon

Paul Storr, London, 1835

Crested for the family of Astley

Of heavy gauge silver, as expected with Storr wares,

the rare 'Military' variant of 'Old English Thread',
having a strong threaded 'pip' at the terminal

12.5" Long / 6.1 oz



Very Good Victorian Silver Flat-Lidded Tankard, in the Charles II Style,William Gibson and John Lawrence Langman, London, 1898 


Very Good Victorian Silver Flat-Lidded Tankard, in the Charles II Style,

William Gibson and John Lawrence Langman, London, 1898

Of heavy gauge silver,
with a broad tapering body sided by a scroll handle with thumb-piece,
the flat-lidded hinged cover with single step and reeded border,
the foot also reeded
6.5" High / 26.5oz.

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Fine Victorian Engraved Silver Hip Flask

Simon Greenberg,1860,

The ovoid flask richly engraved with scrolling leaf and strapwork decoration,
centering an equestrian or hunting scene below an unengraved shaped cartouche to one side,
the slightly concave reverse centering flowerheads among small leafy scrolls,
the sides and neck bordered with bright-cut zig-zag linear decoration siding continuous leafy sprays;
the round lid with screw action and a slender interior cork
5.75" Long x 3.25" Wide x 1" Deep / 4.1 oz.




Fine Edwardian Silver Letter Clip Seal Mayor of Westbury 
The large shaped clip of heavy gauge silver, engraved with
the seal and motto of the Mayor of Westbury (Wiltshire)
surrounded a circular border reading (in Lombardic) :
the open end with shaped and with suspensory ring,
crisp marks to the upper and lower surfaces
4.6" High x 3.25" Wide x 1.75" Deep / 3.9oz.



Good Pair George V Silver Nutcracker,


Good Pair George V Silver Nutcracker

George Howson, London, 1926

The reversible nutcrackers with a central pivot between pierced and incised oval holders,
tapering reeded handles, one engraved with conjoined Gothic initials 'ASI',
each handle fully marked
6.5" Long / 7.8 oz.

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