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Large Edward VII Scottish Provincial Silver Clan Badge - Campbell

Arthur Medlock, Inverness, Scotland, c1900-1910

Boar's head within belted motto 'NE OBLIVISCARIS' (DO NOT FORGET)






Jacobite Issue Medal : "The Young Pretender"
Norbert Rottier, 1699
The silver medal depicting the bust 9 year old James Prince of Wales,
verso with owls over a radiant rising sun and a single ship below
SOLA. LUCE. FVGAT, (He has Flown by the Only Light)
and 1699; initialed N.R







17th Century Silver-Gilt Engraved Trefid Sweetmeat Spoon
1690-95, Augsburg
With soft probably original gilding,
the oval bowl with a rattail attachment bearing a late 17th century mark for Augsburg,
a portcullis in an oval punch, and a zigzag "diet" silver test mark
the shaft engraved to either side with overlapping leaves and pomegranates
and ending with a trefid terminal
4.5" Long / .5 oz.






Rare George II Die-Cast Silver Mustard Spoon
Diana of the Hunt

Elizabeth Tuite (likely) London, c1750-55

in the Hanoverian pattern with blunt bowl characteristic of the egg spoon,
the handle die-cast with a figure of a haloed Diana with her bow and bounty
within an elaborate rococo cartouche,
the bowl verso with a well cast basket of flowers within an arabesque cartouche;
the terminal crested with an arm in armour lying fesse and holding a dagger
4.5" / .5 oz.






Good Pair of George III Silver Bottle Tickets

Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, 1794
Very high quality, engraved PORT, and SHERRY,
surmounted by a shield sided by two c-scrolls and
engraved in contemporary conjoined script; JHC
1.5" High x 1.75" Wide / .9 oz.






18th Georgian Silver Rectangular Bottle Tickets





George III Silver Neck-Ring Bottle Ticket
Phipps and Robinson, London, 1798

Of rectangular form with canted corners and reeded borders, suspended from a ring attachment,

incised SHERRY"
.4 oz. / 1.75" Long





Victorian Silver Sampson-Mordan Vinaigrette & Scent

The Cover a George III Gilt Token, 1872

The entire interiorgilt , including the hinged pierced foliate grill

George III Silver-Gilt Vinaigrette (SOLD)

Cocks & Bettridge, Birmingham, 1799

The entirety gilt, both within and without.





Rare Early George III Hanoverian Silver Sugar Sifting Ladle

William Tant, London 1762

Of heavy gauge silver, with crisp marks

Cypher monogram to terminal

6.5" long / 1.9 oz.






George II Silver Pattern-Back Hanoverian Teaspoons

Set of 4, Benjamin Cartwright I, London, c1750

A Pair, Thomas England, London, 1746

Set of 5, Elizabeth Tookey, London, c1768(not yet photographed)





Good George III Irish Silver Bottle Ticket
Benjamin Tait, Dublin, c1790
Of banner form, engraved for SHERRY
within a wriggle work and bright cut border resembling drapery swags,
2-1/8" Long x 1-1/8" High / .2 oz.





S. Mordan & Co. Silver Trumpet-Form Douter (Extinguisher)

London, 1899

Douters are very helpful in extinguishing candles that are otherwise hard to reach.
They eliminate the spray of hot tallow.
Their form length makes them easier to use than the scissor or hooded forms.

12" Long / 1.4 oz.







 Good Set of 4 George III Silver Snuff Spoons, Peter, Ann & William Bateman, London, 1801

 Rare Set of 6 George III Silver Snuff Spoons, John Blake, London 1803 (SOLD)

(Shown for comparative size with a George II Tablespoon, James Wilks, 1729)


There is debate to the size and use of "snuff spoons", possibly all miniature spoons simply being classified as such.

However, by repute, these tiny spoons were used for taking snuff, rather than the fingers. 




George III Silver Meat Skewer

Joseph Barnard, London, 1801

The reeded loop handle,

engraved EB in conjoined contemporary script with flourishes

13-7/8" Long / 3.7 oz.





3 Pairs Hanoverian Silver Tablespoons


Pair George II Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons

Edward Lambe, 1743, crested : demi-griffin supporting a broken tilting spear - SOLD

Pair George III Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons

Thomas Dealtry, 1763, terminals with scratched initials M . C

Pair George III Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons  - SOLD

Walter Tweedie, possibly 1786 (marks rubbed) crested : demi-phoenix rising in flames, collared with a mural crown





Georgian Pattern Back Tablespoons

Both Shell Back and Scroll Back

Various Makers, 1750-80







George III Silver Large Basting SpoonGeorge III Silver Caster

Richard Crossley, London, 1806

Crested for the family of Ormsesby (Ormsby) : a dexter arm embowed in armour

holding in the hand a man's leg also in armour couped at the thigh, all proper

12.5” Long / 4.8 oz. Troy









George III Silver Caster

Samuel Wood, London, 1767

5" High / 3.2 oz.





George III Silver Caster

George Gray, London, 1789-90

George Gray's mark often overstrike Hester Bateman, and Peter and Anne Bateman's mark.
Is it reported that they made as many as 80% of his wares - some with and some without Bateman marks.
"His first mark appears frequently overstruck on those of Hester Bateman and her successors Peter and Anne,
and it would seem likely that he bought extensively from them…" Grimwade p. 528

5.5" High / 2.5 oz.





Pair of George III Silver Master Open Salts

David & Robert Hennell, London, 1770

Of quite heavy gauge silver, having gadrooned rims
resting on 4 shell-headed cabriole legs ending in hoofed feet;
engraved with contemporary conjoined scrip initials "JAPL" within flourishes.
1.75" High x 3.5" Long / 6.3 oz






First Standard French Silver Tastevin (Wine Taster)

Late 19th Century, Maker's Mark Rubbed

3” Wide (Bowl), 4-1/8” over handle / 3.5 oz.










Hellenistic Terracotta Figurine of a Standing Pig (left)

Greece, 333-189 B.C..

With remains of surface paint; likely a child's toy

3.25" Long


Hellenstic Terracotta Figurine of a Pig in Flight, (right)

Greece, 2nd-1st Century BC

the figure reported to be part of a larger composition;
mounted on a custom base; bearing collection numbers

2-7/8" Long





Late 17th Century Edo Period Blue & White Plate
After the Chinese Ming 'Kraak'
Made for the European Market,
with "two deer" in a garden;
the verso of type VIII (Rinaldi)
The main era of Japanese export of this type was from c1650-1681.
The pieces were of good porcelain, thicker than the Chinese,
without the usual Kraak moth-eaten edges, and generally with characteristic spur marks verso.

8" Diameter






Chinese Export Famille Rose Deep Soup Plate

Qianlong, c1750

9" Diameter





Chinese Export Plate Copied by Bow Porcelain, England

Qianlong, c1745-55

9" Diameter





Bow Porcelain Blue & White Octagonal Dessert Dish
England, c1758-60
Painted with lotus and bamboo within a border of
alternating trellis-diapering and lotus flowerheads
reversed into a casually painted blue ground;
the verso painted with the numeral "15" in blue
7.5" Diameter






Caughley Miniature (Toy) Coffee Cup & Saucer

England, c1785-90

In the Pleasure Boat Pattern

Marked 'S' (Salopian)







Two Caughley Porcelain Egg Drainers (Strainers), Pleasure Boat Pattern, c1785-99 (SOLD)

Two First Period Worcester Escallop Shell Moulded Pickle Dishes, c1756





Chinese Export Famille Rose Barbed Plate

Qianlong, c1750
With barbed rim, painted in overglaze famille rose enamels and bianco sopra bianco









George III Cut Glass Pint Decanter

England, c1780

Of mallet form with sloping shoulders,
the body engraved with swags of polished ovals suspended from cut flowerheads
and suspending further polished ovals as flowers,
the swags centering four large facet-cut flowerheads;
.4 oz. / 1.75" Long






Georgian Deceptive Toastmaster's Glass

England, c1820

The culindrical bucket bowl with single applied loop handle to the side,
over a double knopped-stem and conical foot

Toastmasters require special glasses with deceptively shallow bowls
to enable them to consume less alcohol with their repetitive toasts.
I have not previously encounted another with a side handle.

4.5" High





Early George III Dram Firing Glass

with Oversewn Foot

(where a series of vertical strands are tooled or pre-cast around the rim of the foot,
producing the appearance of an oversewn garment hem)

3.5" High, The Rim 1-7/8" Wide, The Foot 2.25" Wide





George III Unusually Facet Cut Firing Glass with Hearts

England, c1775

The bowl with unusual basal facet cuts forming hearts to the upper edge,
the bowl the rim with a row of polished horizontal ovals,
above an 8-panel stem having four vertical rows of three polished ovals,

4-3/8" High, the Bowl 2-1/8" Wide, the Foot 2-3/8" Wide, ½" Thick





Three George III Double Series Opaque Twist Stem Glasses

England, c1760-70

4.25" to 6" High









Imported Italian Silk and Cotton Tassels

 Of superb quality, handmade in Italy; various colors, most pictured online

2.50 - 36.00 





Louis XV Brass Candlestick, France, c1720-40

The high octagonal faceted domed base (indicative of 18th century France),

surmounted by a tapering stem having double-cushioned faceted knops

and an octagonal faceted slightly convex nozzle

8.5" High / Base 4.5" Diameter"





Antique Baluch Balisht (Bagface)

Persia, Late 19th Century

1'7" x 2'10"


The bagface, or pillowcover, was also a requirement

in a 19th century woman's wedding dowry,

being woven for her by the ladies of her tribe.






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