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"When you wish upon a star

 Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you.



If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

As dreamers do..."


Stars and constellations were spoken of by Homer in the 7th century BC. 

By the 5th century BC, the stars had become divine. 

They even led three Wise Men from the East to Jerusalem.


 Low in the Christmas evening skies of the northern hemisphere is the constellation "Orion",

an active stellar nursery containing 4 monstrously massive (wishing) stars,

and thousands of young stars and their planets, miraculously being forged from glowing dust and gas. 

The constellation was named for the handsome giant and mighty hunter Orion,

whom legend says archer-goddess Diana -- after being tricked into shooting him with an arrow --

placed among the stars, forever to reign as the mightiest hunter.

So heartbroken was Diana that she vowed to never again allow another man to look upon her face. 

But she might shroud herself with clouds and kiss you whilst you dream in the moonlight. 

And you might forever become a wondrous poet.


So as we approach the gentle spirit of Christmastime,

we bring you some of the more fragile wishes and dreams of our earthly predecessors. 

Some shine, some twinkle, some glow - just like the heavens above.

A few are likely the dream of someone kissed by Diana. 



A Few Things That "Shine" :  "Ceramic and Glass"

(From our 2013 Collection / Click images for details)




Pair of Chinese Export Quatrefoil Bowls, Covers & Stands, Qianlong

In blue & white, with applied foliate & floral decoration, c1750

Although teabowls and saucers with applied decoration are seen regularly,

bowls with original lids and underplates are quite rare.

The Bowls 4.75" Long /  The Stands 6.25" Long



 First Period Worcester Molded Cornucopia Wall Pocket

England, c1755-56, in the Cornucopia Floral Pattern,

verso with 2 painters' marks mark of 3 parallel lines & a "4"

8.75" High

Good Liverpool Molded Sauceboat

Possibly James Pennington, c1765

Well molded with scrolling foliate and flora between upper

 and lower acanthus borders  / 7.5" Wide



Chinese Export Silver-Mounted Famille Rose Chocolate Pot

Qianlong / Jiaqing, late 18th century

In the early 18th century silver "lighthouse" form, and with handle and spout placed at right angles,

 painted in overglaze famille rose heightened with bianco sopra bianco and gilt;

the neck and lid with silver mounts

10.5" High / Chinese export chocolate pots are quite scarce.




Liverpool Underglaze Blue & Polychrome Waste Bowl

A charming early version of "The Smoker's Valet"

England, c1770-5, 5" Diameter

Provenance : J. Geddes Brown Collection, with sticker verso (whose porcelain was included in Fine English Porcelain, 

Christie, Manson & Woods, 1967)

First Period Worcester Cress Dish & Underplate

England, c1775

In the Pinecone Pattern, each with hatched crescent verso

Also known as "strawberry dishes" in accord with the Chinese export dishes of the period; perfect condition

7.25" Diameter (Dish) / 8.5" Diameter (Underplate)



George I Gesso & Giltwood Mirror

   England, c1720

   With original gilding and thin Vauxhall beveled mirror plate

With antique brass girandoles on the original engraved brass mounts

   45" High x 25" Wide, Overall / The Plate 31" High x 23-1/8" Wide




Early George III Double Series Opaque Twist Wine Glass

Irish Interest, England, c1765, 7.75" High


(Howth Peninsula forms the northern tip of Dublin Bay and is home to rocks dating to 550 million years -

the oldest rocks in Ireland, with evidence of human habitation to 3500 BC)

Provenance :  Captain A.R. Newman, sold Christie's London 1969



George II Engraved Airtwist Ale Glass

England, c1750 / 7.25" High

The bowl engraved with barley and tendrils

Exhibited "The Loan Exhibition of English Drinking Glasses",

The Guilford House, London, October 1982

George III Engraved Opaque Twist Stem Ale Glass

England, c1780 / 7' High

Bell bowl engraved with barley and hop sprays over

an opaque corkscrew spiral twist stem

Provenance : Christie's London 1982



First Period Worcester Small Circular Basket, Pinecone

England, c1765, 6.5" Wide

First Period Worcester Circular Basket, Pinecone

England, c1765-70, 7-5/8" Diameter

The earliest of the Worcester baskets were of circular form, echoing the Meissen and Chelsea prototypes.

These circular baskets were made at a time that printing was just being perfected. 

As Worcester had difficulty printing to upright and pierced borders, most borders of this type were painted.

Most early circular baskets were in colored enamels.

Very few small circular baskets were in blue and white.



Set of Three George III Engraved Facet Cut Wines

England, c1780

Facet cut glasses were developed in England as a result of the 1777 excise tax on enamel twist glasses. 

They reflected the taste of the very popular chandeliers of the period.

The cutting on this set is exceptional.




 Ming Kraak Dish with Molded Lotus Petal Border

China, Wan Li, c1595-1610

Rinaldi Type I, Border B, with molded lotus petals, an almost identical one in the Rinaldi collection / 8" Diameter

First Period Worcester Feather Molded Punch Bowl

with Rare Sans Serif W Mark The inspiration apparently a de Lamerie coffee pot / Provenance : with Leigh Keno

England, c1762-75, 8" Diameter



Chinese Export Bell Form Tankard

Qianlong, c1760

The large lightly molded body painted in vibrant blues

with a riverscape reserved against a roe-diapered ground

6" High x 7.25" Over Handle

Unusual Chinese Export Famille Rose Plate

Early Qianlong, c1740 / 9" Diameter

Painted in overglaze enamels,

the border mirrored cloud forms  almost appearing as butterflies,

the verso with prunus sprays to the rim




Rare Red, Green & White Enamel Twist Wine Glass 

Continental, c1770,

Of soda glass composition, the red and green threads

encasing an opaque white gauze

Just in time for Christmas! / 6-3/" High


Continental Engraved and Gilt Light Baluster Wine Glass

Mid-18th Century, Probably Low Countries

The bowl with a well engraved flowerhead

over a teared and knopped stem and folded foot

6-1/8" High



Fine George II Carved Giltwood Mirror

England, c1750    

Surmounted by a dimensional Asian phoenix extending out over the mirror plate    

 Original gilt / antique replaced plate / an exceptional mirror   

48" High x 26" Wide Overall /  30.5" x 17-7/8", Mirror Plate    

Phoenix Depth 7"

Provenance : Stair & Co. NYC 




First Period Worcester Fluted Teabowl & Saucer

In the Gillyflower Pattern, faithfully copied from a French original

England, c1770

The Saucer, 5" Diameter



Victorian Staffordshire Fox-Head Stirrup Cup

This rather delightful mold was made toward the end of the 19th century. 

Most are painted in colored enamels, which seem to lose the "personality" shown here. 

With a little red lipstick, he (or she) could even be transformed into Rudolph.

Provenance : Miss M.A. Orme Collection of Staffordshire pottery, sold at Christie's London, 1957;

and Alistair Sampson, London / 5" Long





 In December 2011, just in time for the holidays, NASA released this image of the "Wreath Nebula"  -

a nursery for new stars within our own Milky Way - only about 1,000 light-years away.

It resembles a lighted evergreen wreath around a giant red Christmas tree ball - or bow - your pick....

 One can also imagine the blue-white stars as shining silver bells.  

It is said that the bright star in the center of the red cloud is

so luminous that it is likely causing even the surrounding ring to shimmer and glow.

I have a hunch  it could also bring a shiny smile to every face around your Christmas tree...

...with a wish or two.


Or perhaps you would prefer a moonlit kiss from Diana?


"...Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true" 


May your Christmas Season be filled with at least one perfect star -

one new wish -

and one new dream. 

Who knows what might follow?


Millicent Ford Creech

By the way

It arced low over the horizon -- right over due north and precisely in front of my car!

It's more likely Santa's 2013 delivery, cleverly using the sun for special speed - celestial techie thing ...

The scientific community probably named it Comet ISON after the discovering agency,

as they just didn't know what else to call it.



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(Nebula Images by NASA)

( "When You Wish Upon a Star", Leigh Harline & Ned Washington for Walt Disney's "Pinocchio", 1940)



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