"When you wish upon a star

 Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you.



If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

As dreamers do..."


For 6000 years, mankind has looked to the stars for myth, inspiration and direction.


 Above - looking a bit like a sea dragon from a Walt Disney movie -

 is a "star-birth pillar" in the "Eagle Nebula".

This incubator lies in the constellation Serpens - a mere 7,000 light-years away.

Thousands of young (wishing) stars are embedded within the many finger-like protrusions -

each fingertip a bit larger than our own solar system.

Simply viewing such boggles the imagination, and

seems to remove all shackles from "possible".

We are left to wonder, wish, dream, and push at our limits of "possible"...

each in our own way... and time.


This Christmas season, we bring you some of the "dreams" of our predecessors. 

Some shine, some twinkle, some glow - just like the heavens.

And all, at one time, were seemingly "impossible".   



 Earthly Things That Glow :  "The Rich Woods"

Most of the furniture we now take for granted was just evolving from dreams during the 18th century.

From these dreams even everyday furnishings became 

fine graceful or stately forms with rich color and sensuous, tactile surfaces that beg to be touched.

 Often these early woods and finishes seem to glow from within.

(From our 2013 Collection / Click images for details)




Irish George II Carved Mahogany Tea Table

Ireland, c1750

Fine George II Carved Cuban Mahogany Swing Leg Oval Table

England, c1745, original gilt brass dolphin handle



Queen Anne Stained Burr Maple & Kingwood Traveling Bureau

c1710, in the manner of Coxed & Wooster

Fine George III Mahogany Book Caddy

England, c1790



George III Large Fruitwood Apple Form Tea Caddy

England, c1790-1810, of large size

George III Large Fruitwood Pear Form Tea Caddy

England, c1790-1810, of large size and retaining original key



 George I Walnut Veneered Diminutive Chest of Drawers

England, c1720, original brasses and early surfaces

George III Highly Figured Mahogany Serpentine Chest

 England, c1790, Original Dublin Style 2-Part Brasses



Early George III Diminutive Mahogany Chest

with Brushing Slide & Blind Fretwork Panels, England, c1765

Early George III Diminutive Mahogany Chest of Drawers

England, c1765, the original finish and rocaille brasses



 William & Mary Walnut & Yewwood Caned Child's High Chair England, c1695

Fine George III Cuban Mahogany  Reading Stand

in the Georgian "Gothick" Manner, England, c1790-1810



Early George III Brass-Bound Mahogany Cellaret on Stand

England, c1760, original brass cooperage and handles,

George II Walnut Corner Chair

England, c1750, with  early surfaces



George III Carved Bow Front Window Seat

In the Hepplewhite Manner, England, c1780

George III Mahogany Writing Table

England, c1770, satinwood stringing & fan corner brackets



Very Good & Rare Early George I Padouk Chest of Drawers

England, c1725, original brasses and early surfaces;

Padouk is a somewhat rare wood

Fine George III Gonçalo Alves Serpentine Commode

Of Hepplewhite Design, England, Irish-form brasses, c1780




George I Walnut Open Armchair

England, c1720, Of generous proportions

With Colonial Williamsburg Collection

acquisition label : 1936-291

George I Walnut Upholstered Side Chair

England, c1715-20

Provenance : Colonial Williamsburg Collection



Fine Pair of Early George III Acanthus-Carved
Side Chairs, England, c1765
 Well carved with excellent color and patination

Fine Mahogany Serpentine Chest of Drawers

Late 18th Century, Probably New England

Pine & Chestnut Secondaries



Good George II Mahogany Basin (Washing) Stand

England, c1750, elegant proportion and design / 28.5" High

Provenance : Apter-Frederick Ltd., London;

Alfred Bullard, Philadelphia, with labels & receipt

Regency Rosewood Stand

England or Ireland, c1815 / 31" High

The toes scrolled and stippled to resemble rams' hours

 Provenance : Apter-Frederick Ltd., London, label & receipt



About 170 light-years from our Earth is the very brilliant "Tarantula Nebula" -

so called because its glowing filaments resemble spider legs.

Tarantula is the most active "starburst" region among the Local Group of galaxies that includes our own "Milky Way".

So massive and bright are Tarantula's stars that if it were as close to Earth as even1500 light-years, it would cast shadows -

beneath your own feet, and in your own back yard....


"...Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true" 



May your Christmas Season be filled with at least one new wish -

and one new dream. 

Who knows what might follow? 


Millicent Ford Creech


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(Nebula Images by Hubble Space Telescope & NASA)

( "When You Wish Upon a Star", Leigh Harline & Ned Washington for Walt Disney's "Pinocchio", 1940)



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