Spain, 1824-1870

Two Miniature Oil on Copper Paintings




Each oil on Copper :

"A Cathedral Interior with Choir and Figure Preaching"


"A Cathedral Interior with Procession"


The energetically and skillfully painted scenes having both freedom and precision,

applied by a small fully loaded brush and with an unmistakable "life". (MFC)


A follower of and imitator of Goya, his work, due to its quality,
has often been misattributed to the master.
He painted the frescoes of the Royal Opera of Madrid

and the Palace of Marques de Salamanca also in Madrid.

His work is in many museums,

including the Museum or Modern Arts and Metropolitan Museum in New York,

British Museum, London, and the Museo Romantico in Madrid.


Auction record - 120,000.00 USD, (Christie's, New York, 25 Oct 1996)
while the great majority of his works is in the four to low five figure range.
Much of his work is quite small, as are these


Condition : Excellent; frames are on order


Image Sizes : 6" x 4.25", and 5" x 3.75"


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Eugenio Lucas Y Padilla From "Benezit" :


Painter, Eugenio Lucas Y Padilla was born in Alcala de Henares in 1824,

and died in Madrid on September 11, 1870.

He was a student of the Academy of Madrid.

He imitates Spanish masters, especially Velasquez and Goya.

He painted the frescoes of the Royal Opera of Madrid and those

of the Palace of Marques de Salamanca also in Madrid, in the French Rococo style.


Before marrying Perez Villamil, he painted some romantic landscapes

and paintings directly inspired by Goya, of whom he remains the best imitator :

scenes of the inquisition, bull-fighting, majas (pretty young women, especially those who dress gaily),

popular festivals, and war scenes.

He had a great ease, and his technique remains interesting by its vitality.


He traveled to Paris in 1852, where he met Manet, with whom he remained in correspondence (unfortunately lost),

in Italy, in Switzerland, and even, in 1859, in Morocco.


As he imitated Goya, he was in turn imitated, commonly by his son,

Eugenio Lucas Villamil, by Angel Lizcano, and Francisco Domingo Marques.

Modern critics have seen in him something more than an ordinary imitator of Goya,

whose juxtaposition of light and shadow was a prelude to Impressionism.

His paintings are still often confused with those of his followers,

and yet other paintings were often attributed to Goya - some in all good faith, some not.

Prior to the new interest met by his own works, he was honored by many attributions to Goya.


Bibliography: Jacques Lassaigne : 'La Peinture Espagnole, ed Velasquez a Picasso', Skira, Geneva, 1954


Museums include :

Brussels, Belguim; Budapest, Hungary; Castres, & Lille, France; Cologne,

Germany; Madrid (Museo Romantico);

British Museum, London;

Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum, New York; Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois






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Eugenio Lucas Y Padilla, Two Miniature Oil on Copper Interiors of a Cathedral  


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