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Early 17th Century Silver Figural Folding Spoon, Germany or Low Countries, c1620 17th Century Style Traveling Folding Fork with Spoon, Bernardus Hendriks Eerdmans, The Netherlands, c1800


Germany or Low Countries, c1620

Silver, Unmarked

The Netherlands, c1800

Silver, Bernadus Hendriks Eerdmans

Del Monte Fruit Cup, 2012

Plastic, Unmarked!




TRAVELING  SPOONS & CUTLERY became usual in the late 16th century. Most people were given one spoon* at birth  - if wealthy, a silver spoon.  These spoons were carried about on the person when traveling - through a slit in the hat, or perhaps in a "cutlery pouch" suspended from the waist - and sometimes a "folding" for ease of transport.  Should one forget his or her utensils, the host would supply a "house spoon" of wood or pewter. This practice was common into the 18th century.

However, in the early 18th century, with the introduction of table silver, the practice declined....


....until now....


....enter who has FOLDED Taco Bell's infamous SPORK!




17th Century Style Silver Fork with    

Spoon, Eerdmans, The Netherlands    

   English Woman with Cutlery Pouch

     Suspended from Waist, c1620



* The use of a spoon-like utensils goes back to pre-history, the earliest spoons probably simple shells.  The earliest found silver British spoon dates to the Anglo-Saxon period (449-1060) and resides in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.  Survival of these early folding spoons is somewhat rare.  And there don't seem to be too many 18th and early 19th century versions around either.

The V&A Museum in London has 5 on display.

The Metropolitan Museum in NYC owns 14.

I recently bid by phone on a late 17th century Continental folding spoon, with a Mary & Jesus finial, but "later bowl decoration".

The selling price was $8835.39 - not to me I might add.


Consider : An early spoon is probably the most personal item you can own.  It has seen an entire lifetime -

both inside and out.


Although I do not YET sell either plastic sporks or folding sporks, the two silver folding spoons are available for sale. The prices are quite reasonable on each - both in the 3-figure range.


(The silver related images and text above are linked to larger images and full details).



As usual, please call or email for prices.  I enjoy hearing from you, no matter the reason.


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