CHINA, 13TH Century





Of bottle or pear Yuhuchunping form with slender elongated neck and everted rim, the black 

Henan-glazed surface with brown stylized foliate decoration between three loosely defined lines,

raised on a high unglazed footrim; buff colored clay


Provenance : Stewart Collection, bearing label with collectors catalog number: "Stewart Collection 43."


Condition: Excellent without chips, cracks or repairs; usual minor age


Ref: For a similarly decorated jar, see Chinese Ceramics, He Li, Pl. 309, p. 166


12.5" High






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Chinese black-glazed wares of the 12th and 13th centuries were commonly made in the northern provinces. 

Many originate from the province of Henan (Honan), the name meaning south of the river (Yellow River). 

These rather simple and striking wares originate from yet unnamed area factories. Some have been found at

Kiiluhsien and elsewhere in province; however that is the most is actually known.


The dark color of the glaze was practical for everyday wares and employed on various forms, including fair-sized

globular pots with lids, and wine jars and vases of different types. 


The glaze is very similar to the Chien “hare’s fur’” glaze but, as a rule, not so thick and syrup-like.  Like the

Chien glaze, it is laid on the body without an underlying slip, and simply embellished with brown in dappled,

 stippled or floral patterns. The markings can be somewhat large and resemble splashes rather than flecks.  

 Sometimes these red-brown, oval patches are arranged in symmetrical fashion on the vessel and show

 that the potter exercised control in their incidence. The paste is a buff-coloured stoneware.


Occasionally bowls of the Henan type are found with the white slip technique; the mouth-rims are dressed

in the slip, while the rest of the bowls show the usual black glaze, with or without a “hare's fur” marking.


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Song Dynasty Henan Glazed Yuhuchunping Vase, China, 13th Century