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From time to time, we purchase something of note, with a particular

"Published Provenance".

Other times, we receive requests to use our stock and images for books or articles being compiled.

So what does this mean...?



"Provenance" :

The term refers to the known history of a piece - particularly those that are somehow documented

(i.e. family descent, crests, armorials, bills of sale).

There are also orally known histories - those not documented in writing or by imagery

(as in a photograph in position in a known home, etc.).

Oral histories are generally referred to as 'by repute' - and cannot carry the weight of written documentation.

A documented provenance can add substantially to the desirability and monetary value of a piece,

over a similar piece without documentation.


"Published Provenance" :

Usually when compiling books or articles, examples that meet high criteria are chosen.

Therefore the selected object often becomes the example by which other similar ones are measured.

Of course, the expertise of the author is highly important in that instance -

 as well as the purpose of the publication.

And changing scholarship often alters previously published documentation.


So what does a 'published provenance' imply for the collector :

Usually it’s the warm 'Maker's Mark Crème Anglaise over the rich chocolate souffle' !

In other words – one of the most delectable things on the menu !

Below are Seven of such honored pieces, Currently in Stock :





Rare & Fine Old Sheffield Plate Butter Tub & Cover
Tudor & Co., England, c1780
With star cut blue glass liner, the center medallion engraved in script CY

as well as the cover interior, the cover interior and base also engraved Y over I*S;

Literature : Old Sheffield Plate : A History of the 18th Century Plated Trade,

Gordon Crosskey, Illustrated p.382

This is the identical butter tub, discernible from the inscribed initials;

the plating, the complex piercings and engravings, all in excellent condition.

Old Sheffield plate butter tubs in any condition are considered somewhat rare.






Richard Hayley Lever

Australian / American, 1876 - 1958

 "St. Ives , Cornwall England 1904"

Provenance : Spanierman Gallery, bearing label verso

Listed : 'Spanierman Works for Sale, Feb-April 2003, Price on Request'

Literature : Hayley Lever, Carol Lowrey. pp. 32-3, Illustrated p. 33

From a period known for his most luminous works;

the brushwork, coloration and development on this painting are exceptional.







 Fine George III Cut & Engraved Sugar Loaf Decanter

Masonic Interest, England, c1780-90

The sugar-loaf form, having somewhat broader shoulders than the mallet form,

engraved with three concave Masonic suns within swags;

Literature : To be illustrated in the 2017 edition of The Decanter, Andy McConnell

' This encyclopaedic new edition of The Decanter (available late Fall)

bolsters the book's reputation as the definitive work on the subject.

Researched and written by Andy McConnell,

journalist and long-serving glass specialist on BBC TV's Antiques Roadshow,

The Decanter, is born of twenty years' extensive research.' - ACC Publishing





19th Century Russian Japanned Tole Tray, Dolmabahçe Palace

Center with a scene depicting the entrance of the Dolmabache Palace, Istanbul,

surrounded by broad band of gilt arabesques, mounted on a later gilt heightened crimson stand.

Literature : Illustrated

Rituals of Hospitality : Ornamented Trays of the 19th Century in Greece and Turkey,

Benaki Museum Exhibitions, Athens;

Curated by Flavia Nessi-Yazitoglou and Myrto Htzaki

This is the first exhibition and catalog of Greek, Turkish and

related Japanned trays ever compiled.

It has been suggested that this Russian tray was possibly intended an Ambassadorial gift to Turkey.







Norwood Creech

Arkansas / Tennessee / Contemporary

"In the Shade,

Adamson Road, Poinsett County, Arkansas"

Charcoal & Oil on Canvas

Literature : Delta Made Catalog, Volume 2, 2016 / 2017, p. 11 :

...'Alternately vibrant and haunting,

Creech's work captures the spirit of daily life in this special place'.





George III South Staffordshire Enamel on Copper Thimble

England, c1770-80

Intricately painted, a native figure walking in a wooded landscape

 within raised scroll-edged panels in gilt yellow enamel,

reserved on a white ground with raised white diaper and scroll patterns,

 with brass rim and tip

Illustrated : 18th Century English Enamel Thimbles, Magdalena & William Isbister 

Elizabeth I is said to have given a thimble set with precious stones as a gift to a lady-in-waiting.

And thimbles have, ever since, been regarded as the 'ideal gift for a lady'.




Caughley Porcelain Diminutive Creamboat

England, c1777-85

Painted in underglaze blues with the Rock House Island pattern

2.25" High

Literature : Caughley Bicentenary Exhibition of Caughley Porcelain,

Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, 1999 no.369;

& Caughley Society Newsletter, November 2010 No.44 p.17

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