Korea, 12th/13th Centuries











Small deep hexagonal bowl, with finely crackled blue-green Cheong-ja glaze, the center with inlaid

stylized floral decoration surrounded by a cavetto with further geometric slip inlay, the outer walls

inlaid with flowers within square panels; spur marks verso


Condition: 3 chips to rim; minor chip to foot


Note: By the 14th century, the delicate early manufacturing techniques for making celadon had been lost. 

Most of the early pieces are retrieved from graves, and faded with age and bear some damage. 

Korean celadon was regarded by the Chinese Song as one of the 10 treasures of the world – “beyond description”.

 The Japanese, who had no porcelain until the 17th century, regarded it as one of the 8 things closest to heaven,

and used it in their religious tea ceremonies, kidnapping the Korean potters.


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