Early Yi Dynasty, 14th Century






The deep round pale green celadon slip-inlaid bowl with everted rim & a central inlaid floral medallion, surrounded

by inlaid flowerhead & foliate banded designs to the interior & exterior


Condition: Glaze skips and firing flaws


Note: Korean celadon was regarded by the Chinese Song as one of the 10 treasures of the world – “beyond description”.  The

Japanese, who had no porcelain until the 17th century, regarded it as one of the 8 things closest to heaven, and used it in their religious

tea ceremonies, kidnapping the Korean potters. The culmination of celadon wares can be seen in inlaid (sanggam) celadon. The

delicate technique of sanggam involves etching the desired motifs on the dry clay body and filling in the carved space with black

and/or white slip, after which the translucent glaze is applied and the vessel fired.


6 3/4" Diameter






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