Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1825







     The top intricately chased with the scene of a hunter with his horse and three hounds presenting, two birds,

a stag and a hare before a castle; the floral and scrolled corner cartouches chased with a swan in a tree (u.l.),

basket of flowers (u.r.), a swan swimming (l.r.) and a sitting hound (l.l.), the sky with a shining sun; verso with

 bright cut flowers and wriggle work; the sides dot pricked; gilt interior


Condition: excellent; chasing and gilt: excellent; normal small scuffs to sides; working thumb clasp; crisp marks


Snuff was the domain of the aristocrat and fashionable gentleman, who looked down on the common man and his pipe.

It was particularly popular in court circles. Queen Anne so enjoyed snuff that all her ladies took up the habit. Queen

Charlotte, the consort of George III, acquired the name "snuffy Charlotte" because of her passion for it. Her son,

George IV, changed his snuff according to the time of day, having a snuff storage room in each of his palaces. 


Among the most sought after of the snuff boxes are scenes of hunting, shooting and fishing.  The above example depicts

a hunter with his horse and three hounds presenting two birds, a stag and a hare, before a castle and a shining sun, with

further animal embellishment in the corners.  The lid is meticulously cast, chased and applied. 

The interior is gilt to avoid damage from tobacco.


3" L x 1" H


2.9 oz













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George IV Silver Snuff Box, Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1825, the cast lid with hunting interest