Richard Bayley, London, 1747

George II Silver Baluster Mug, Richard Bayley, London 1747, double crested



Of heavy gauge silver,

the baluster mug with double-scroll handle and having a scrolled cap,

raised on a spreading foot, the body engraved with two crests :

a hunting horn, stringed (Hunter):

on a sheath of arrows fesswise a hawk close

 all proper belled (or) (Kenrick)
See below for more regarding the families of Hunter and Kenrick


Richard Bayley was apprenticed to John Gibbons in 1699, and free in 1706.

He is known for his good quaity plain hollow-ware "such as tankards, jugs, tea and coffee pots". 

Condition : Excellent; wear appropriate to age and usage; crisp marks verso; with early planishing marks visible


3.75” High, 4.5” Over Handle / 7.3 oz




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  George II Silver Baluster Mug, Bayley, Crest Bugle-Horn   George II Silver Baluster Mug, Bayley, 1747, crest of bird  


The crests as engraved upon this George II English Sterling Silver Baluster Mug

by Richard Bayley hallmarked London 1774

 are those of the families of Kenrick and Hunter.

They may be blazoned as follows:

On a sheaf of arrows fesswise a hawk close all proper belled or (for Kenrick)

A hunting horn (……?......) stringed (……?......) (for Hunter)


Upon the balance of probability and without any evidence to the contrary

the crests as engraved upon this mug were brought together when Matthew Kenrick

(born circa 1665* died 21st March 1712/3), of the Parish of St Bartholomew-near-the-Exchange
in the City of London and of Oporto, Portugal married Sarah Hunter,

of the Parish of All Hallows Barking in the City of London

by Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s License dated the 19th November 1690.


Matthew was the son of Edward Kenrick, Merchant Adventurer of Rotterdam

and Susanna Cranmer**.  Given the date of manufacture of this mug is at some distance from

both the marriage and lives of Matthew and Sarah, and it is known that they had issue from their

marriage, it may be presumed that their child/children and their progeny in the male line bearing

the name of Kenrick may very well have quartered their paternal arms of Kenrick with those of

Hunter and used the crest of Hunter alongside that of Kenrick, and purchased this mug and

commissioned the crests of Kenrick and Hunter to be engraved thereon.

This would be indicative that Sarah was an heraldic heiress.

When speaking of their possible children, we do know that at

the very least Matthew and Sarah had a son, Cranmer Kenrick***

who was baptised on the 5th November 1691 at the Parish Church of All Hallows Barking,
which is located close to the eastern boundary of the City of London close to the Tower of London.
This church is now known as All Hallows-by-the-Tower.

The church is famous in that William Penn, the founder of

the Colony of Pennsylvania was baptised there in 1644

and John Quincy Adams,

 the 6th President of the United States of America was married there in 1797.


* Although some authorities state that Matthew Kenrick was born in 1653.


** Susanna was the great granddaughter of Edmund Cranmer, Archdeacon of Canterbury who

was the brother of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury whose martyrdom took place

when he was burnt at the stake at Oxford on the 21st March 1556.


*** Cranmer Kenrick, son of Matthew and Sarah was said to have been killed on board ship by a

cannon ball. It is not known whether he was serving with the Royal Navy at the time of his death.


(Heraldry by John Tunesi of Liongam, UK)




George II Silver Baluster Mug, Richard Bayley, London 1747, double crested


George II Silver Baluster Mug, Richard Bayley, London 1747, double crested


George II Silver Baluster Mug, Richard Bayley, London 1747, verso with marks


George II Silver Baluster Mug, Bayley, 1747, interior


George II Silver Baluster Mug, Richard Bayley, London 1747, double crested


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George II Silver Mug, Richard Bayley, London 1747