For 'all Valentines' we've loved --

To all who still own a small part of us --


And those lost, due to Time ... or Timing :

"A Little Night Music"

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"Isn't it rich?"



George III Silver Bougie Box, Phipps & Robinson, London 1785-6 George III Silver Bougie Box, Susanna Barker, London, 1792-3


"Are we a pair?"



George II Silver & Agate Heart Form Snuff Box, Lewis Morel, London, c1740 George III Unusually Facet Cut Firing Glass, the lower bowl with heart shaped facets


"Me here at last on the ground"..."you in mid-air"



Georgian Mid-18th Century Cast Silver Harlequin Taperstick Fine Victorian Cast Silver Armorial Bottle Stopper, William Hunter, 1868, for the Earls of Ewe & Essex, & the Barons Bourchier


"Where are the clowns?"  "Send in the clowns."



George III Unusually Facet Cut Firing Glass, the bowl with a row of heart facets


"Well, maybe next year."




'Saint Valentine's Day' has long been honored as a day for romance and devotion.

The exact reasons for an association of 'Saint Valentine' (d. 269 AD)

with courtly, noble, and romantic love is not really known.

Most sources point to the Middle Ages -

perhaps Geoffrey Chaucer and his circle, when

the feast day of February 14th became associated with romantic love.

Others argue that romantic associations for February 14th originated

among 18th century English 'antiquaries'.

A more curious legend tells that birds paired in mid-February -

this pairing thence associated with romance and thus Saint Valentine.


Whatever the reason,

'Saint Valentine's Day' remains the day to be soft of heart and kind of word

to all those we hold dear  -

and perhaps, a few, lost to 'Time'.


May fond memories never pale.

They are indeed - rich!




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The poetic excerpts above are from the song Send In the Clowns,

written by Stephen Sondheim for the 1973 musical A Little Night Music.

It is a ballad in which the character Desirée reflects upon

the ironies and disappointments of her life -

among which is a past love whom she re-encounters.

He is now married to a much younger woman to whom he is apparently dedicated.

The song therefore is one of 'regret' and frustration -

all too common experiences in the uncharted realms of romantic love.

Send In the Clowns has been performed and recorded by numerous artists.

It appears on over 900 albums, and reached the Billboard charts three times.

Perhaps the most expressive recording is by Barbra Streisand, from The Broadway Album, 1985.

Streisand's concert version is available on YouTube.



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