Probably Low Countries or Germany, Unmarked, c1620




The folding shaft ending in a cast figural stem formed as an armless Egyptian figure (perhaps god or goddess)

with stylized headdress, the hair cascading down the back, wearing a pleated Shendyt*

below a knop finial, the figure emerging from a leafy tree trunk,

attached to a square tapering shaft hinged to a cast foliate short section and plain oval bowl,

the back of the bowl with three early initials

(a Roman I & D over an R - the I almost indiscernible), and two later foliate initials H C;

 the entire finial retaining traces of gilding


Ref : see British Cutlery, Illustrated History of Design, Evolution & Use, Peter Brown, pp. 20-1,

and p. 93 for a related folding spoon, Dutch or Italian, c1620. 

At this time, a person of means would have traveling eating utensils of silver. 

Such a utensil could also have a fork attached to the back of a spoon,

and/or a toothpick emerging from the finial. Also see on this site :

Early British Table Silver II


*From about 2130 BC during the Old Kingdom, garments were simple.

The men wore wrap around skirts known as "Shendyt,

which were belted at the waist, sometimes pleated or gathered in the front. 


Condition : Excellent for age, with less than expected wear; hinge slightly loose


 5.75" Long / 1 oz.






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Left Showing the back of the headdress and the hair down the back   /   Right showing the front of the figure with rubbed features and the pleated Shendyt








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17th Century Style Silver Folding Fork with Spoon

Bernardus Hendriks Eerdmans (1756-1838)

Bolsward, Netherlands, 19th century Dutch duty marks

The finial cast as an armless female figure above the face of a bearded man,

 the beard becoming the square tapering horizontally-ribbed shaft,

the lower shaft folding to a three-tine fork headed by a further man's mask

and secured by a movable slide, the removable bowl with five silver slots for the fork tines

   5" long / 1.25 oz


Early British Table Silver II



Folding Traveling Spoon  /  Cutlery Pouch. c1620  



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17th Century Silver Figural Folding Spoon, Probably Low Countries or Germany, Unmarked, c1620


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