Probably Bohemian, 18th Century (Mid to c1780)




The large glass with a cut and engraved drawn funnel bowl over a stem of 4 graduating hollow facet cut knops,
resting on the largest knop which has a small polished pontil verso;
the bowl engraved with a roundel with the following :
a sun in splendor
a concave flaming heart
a sunflower with two buds
above a furrowed field with two bridges,
and sided by sprays of lily of the valley

below the inscription : "das leben kombt von dir." (Loosely translates "the life comes from thee".)


Note :

The precise original use of this glass (or cup) is not yet known.
However the consensus is that its use was secular, and not ecclesiastical.
I am also advised that is it likely "quasi-Masonic", or of a related club, as many existed in that period.
It is interesting to note that four of the symbols were also used by the predominantly Scottish Jacobites -
and there is known overlapping with both English and Continental Freemasons among their followers.


In the mid 18th century, Karl Gotthelf von Hund founded in Germany the Rite of Strict Observance,

with the concepts of Freemasonry.
Von Hund claimed to have been initiated into the higher degrees by Scottish Jacobites.

That order dissolved in 1782, but was followed by several other Masonic orders with varying emphases.
Universities also had eating and drinking clubs - much as the fraternities of the present day.
Thus the iconography would have fallen well within the Masonic, Jacobite or Univeristy world.

See symbol descriptions below.*


Condition : Excellent; as it is footless (that is to say a without a larger flat stabilizing foot),
its sheer existence is rather amazing


9.5" High












* The above symbols can represent the following qualities:

Sun in splendor : power, life, renewal (general); Royalty and the return of the Stuart kings (Jacobite);

light and enlightenment (Freemasonry)

Flaming heart : "Sacred Heart of Jesus" and transformative power of love (ecclesiastical); true love;

devotion and loyalty (both Jacobite and Freemasonry)

Sunflower with two buds : Loyalty as sunflowers follow the sun (General, Masonic and Jacobite);

Two buds, the Stuart heirs (Jacobite)

Lily of the Valley : Purity (Ecclesiastical, Masonic and general);

return of happiness - and the Stuart kings (Jacobites)  









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Rare Cut & Engraved Large Ceremonial Glass, 18th Century, Probably Bohemian