An Impromptu Improvisation, Spoken by

Greg Brown (Iowa, USA / Singer-Songwriter)



"It was the night before Christmas -

but nobody really was noticing that

I ain't sure anybody even knew that much about -


Well I remember even before the whole thing got started

There was a poor couple - looking for a place to sleep at the night


They were a poor couple - from a coal mine

They ducked into a barn

The woman was about to give birth

The man was a good man

The woman was a good - woman

(I never heard anybody say anything about whether she was a virgin or not or anything like that)

She was a good woman

It was pretty warm in the barn actually

There was a couple of cows in there

they were tired - they put out of lot of heat

Fortunately the man who - I think his name was Joe - he did not smoke

Well, the little baby popped out -

it's an amazing thing that little babies do - and the women do

And the men sorta - kinda - help

That's the big story - getting born

Just getting born is such an amazing - thing -

you'd think we'd all just be nice forever after -

just to get to be a part of it.

You'd think that anybody that ever held a little baby in their arms -

would be so careful not to ever - do any damage - to another human being -

or to the creation of which we are so obviously - a part

Well they wrapped him up - pretty cozy in there  

When you don't have a whole - whole - whole - whole -

whole way too much lot, it is surprising how little it really takes to make you feel pretty warm -

pretty good.

The next day fairly early three dudes showed up

They were Zen priests from the East - some people call them Wise Men

But they were Zen guys - they didn't believe in religion -

they believed in a way of liberation

But I guess they must have sensed something about this little child

They came bearing gifts - a warm blanket - quite a few groceries -

and a mule - to help this family on their way


Well that's about all I know about the story

The boy he did not grow up to found any big religions

with shiny churches - with gold and silver and swords

His story is about a 'world' so much better than this one -

(sometimes we can just kinda p*** on this one)

He didn't do any of that stuff - He was a child of full of love - talked about love

talked about the flowers - good fisherman!

Sometimes when I get distraught - about our world and what we're doing to it

I remind myself - that little children like that are being born every day

They may not make a lot of big news

But in their lives - they're kind - they take care of people

They don't blow things all out of proportion

They spread the news

that this life - so mysterious in the heart -

is a wonderful enterprise and should be cherished


I know these babies being born - cause I meet them every day

Some are 12 - some are 23 - some are 38, some are 51, some are 67

They're women - they're men - they're black, white, yellow -

they're every color you can think of

They're all over the place - some of them are 92

So Christmas - if it's anything at all -

it's every day -

it's every night

And even when things look dark -

Way down -

in the human heart -

we all share -

that -- 'Life'"


Nothing On This Page Is 'For Sale' .

It's 'For Wishing' You...




"Christmas Song" is an impromptu improvisation recorded at a Denver music festival in 2001.

It was spoken slowly - and haltingly - in Greg Brown's deep resonant and evocative voice,

over a simple repeated acoustic guitar riff.

"Never performed again, it is a snapshot of his seasoned genius as a live performing artist".

Mixed at Denver's Swallow Hill Music Hall, Denver, 2006,

"Christmas Song" was released on "Dream City, Essential Recordings Vol. 2",

1997-2006, in 2009



"Christmas Song" appears by permission from Greg Brown.©

Thank you!


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