"And they're hanging their stockings!" Grinch snarled with a sneer.
"Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here!"

But we all know the story that set his heart strumming,

Grinch found that he couldn’t stop Christmas from coming.
And tomorrow, when all the Who girls and Who boys
Wake up bright and early, Grinch would bring all the toys.
And then! Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!
That "Himself", dog Max and sleigh would add to their joys!!




(With thanks to Dr. Seuss and Michelangelo)


But what the story never said

Is how Grinch got all that on his ramshackle sled.

Perhaps gifts were large, but most - certainly small,

Or Max could not pull that large load at all.

Dogs with fake antlers have limited might,

Even for Christmas – it just wasn’t that light!




Perhaps packed with some boxes with paintings on tops?

George III with pink lips...

 A battle of tall ships...

Then some quite fine looking pups

With a hunter chasing hares for his sup.

There's a castle not new...from the land of Who?

 A grey goat, cows and sheep, and a shepherd boy too.





Or an odd carved box that cites Burn's tale of the fright

Of "indulged" Tam O' Shanter as he flew through the night :

Now, who this tale of truth shall read,
Each man, and mother's son, take heed :
Whenever to drink you are inclined,
Or short skirts run in your mind,
Think! you may buy joys over dear :
Remember Tam O' Shanter's mare.





Maybe a small bucket made of wood wrapped in brass ...

That brought peat for the fires in times long ago past.

No furnaces then - only flames to give heat

Which folks sat before to toast up their feet




Russian Tole Tray on Stand


Tiny tables – I know that is it!  A little of Russia , of China, and the UK,

Might will very well fit in that ramshackle sleigh.

They come apart well - pack down very tight

For Max the old dog to haul in his flight.





Now what to fix in these bowls with big sticks?

You suppose Jemima's got new pancake mix?

I've seen that odd shape somewhere before -

Perhaps at the corner Walgreen's Drug Store?

What's more...

They are most awfully heavy -

Not at all like they look!

Well, considering that fact,

Maybe for Max

They might cause a weight-bearing mild heart attack!




Something soft for your head - (but not for your feet)

Something squishy perhaps to put in your seat.

Some needled in wool, some sewn on sheer silk,

With threads of fine silver, the cloth colored as milk.

These would be just choice for old Max.

He could tow them along without any tax.




Now this one makes sense! - Could make a sleigh in a pinch.

An awful lot would fit in those slots

 That look just a little bit like a fence.

But those wheels might bog down in a snow-bound downtown

And leave poor Max in a bit of suspense!





Now the most perfect to do, for sweet Cindy Lou Who (2) :

Bring this wondrous cup grand  

And to her thirst lend a hand,

 There in this very-merry Christmas Who-Land.

For 'twas Cindy-Lou Who (2)

 Who...knew it was he ("G!")

That stuffed up the chimney their fine Christmas tree!!




A Little Bit More...

"So maybe Christmas," Grinch thought, "doesn't come from a store...
Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"
So very true - 'tis a kind of a kindness all the way through

That makes Christmas Day so rich to the core.

But for you who wish to add a tad to your luck,

Our sleigh is a big square white FedEx truck.

Last shipping orders taken Friday Dec. 23rd, for delivery Dec. 24th.



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