England, c1630






(Actual Length 4.5 Inches - The images are oversized.)


Of very heavy gauge in the usual elongated flat tapering blunt needle form with wide open slot below a smaller round

opening and scooped ear (wax) spoon and decorated with Stuart style )


Note: A bodkin is a needle like tool that was used for pulling tape or ribbon through a series of loops.  17th century 

clothing was often joined by such as ribbons or leather straps.  Bodkins were personal, often carried on the person, and 

passed through the generations.  The word "bodkin" in earlier centuries also referred to sharp instruments, as stilettos, 

daggers, and pointed hair ornaments.


Condition: Excellent with crisp engraving; some accumulated tarnish; no losses and good patination


4.5” Long / .1 oz.






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Late 17th Century Engraved Silver Bodkin, England

Unmarked, Scratch-Engraved with initials M B



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Charles I Silver Bodkin with Ear Spoon, England, c1630