with its grimacing face, set within and sometimes spouting forth vegetation,

likely served as a reminder that

from all 'earthly remains', new life will indeed spring forth....


There are many theories regarding these bizarre often scary countenances.

The truth is that we have absolutely no idea exactly what Green Men are -

what they originally represented - or of their origins.

And we will probably never know.

But to brighten your day, and possibly guard your greenery,

here is our collection - mostly 19th century, of varying woods -

all with amusing grimacing expressions.


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Carved Oak Green Man (or Beast)

The well carved face emerging from foliage having a with snub nose,

as characteristic of some 'beast' forms;

the mouth open with upper convex tooth and lower concave tooth;

on a deep heavy block, possibly a capital

Probably 19th century / Excellent condition

6-3/4" High x 8-5/8" Wide x 2-1/2" Deep

SOLD / #7633-5






Pair of Carved Treen Green Man Corbel Appliqués

Each crowned with foliage and having foliate moustaches,

upper and lower teeth showing and with tongues extended

19th Century / Excellent Condition

5" High x 3-12" Wide 2" Deep

SOLD / #7633-3






Carved Oak Green Man

The head and features emerging from foliage,

eyes rolled upward, the open mouth with tongue extended

Probably 19th Century / Amusing and Excellent Condition

8" High x 6-1.4" Wide x 2" Deep

SOLD / #7633-1






Carved Treen Green Man

The elongated face emerging from scrolled foliage,

a bulbous nose, the mouth open wide showing bottom teeth and extended tongue

19th Century / Condition : with some wear, consisting of

erosion and losses at bottom & verso, a few small bits of glue or resin residue

9" High x 5" Wide x 2" Deep

SOLD / #7633-8






Pair of Well Carved Mahogany Green Men

Each having a horned 'Pan' or demonic type face,

(as the 'root of all evil', or 'lost souls of the demon woods');

and surmounted by a second foliate face with long tongue extended;

C-scrolled sided head and beard

Probably 19th Century

Excellent Condition, with small chip to end of one horn (right example)

6-1/2" High x 5-1/2" Wide x 1-1/2" Deep

SOLD / #7633-2






Carved Oak Green Man (Green Beast)

Having high pointed ears, snub nose and slightly open mouth,

the top of the head arising from foliage,

the lower part bearded

Probably 19th Century / Condition Excellent, save a chip to the left ear tip

(This face bound repel voles from the garden...)

7" High x 6-1/4" Wide x 2-1/2" Deep

SOLD / #7633-7






Small Carved Oak Green Man (Green Beast) Boss

The face arising from foliage and having a bulbous nose;

scrolled cheeks and moustache, and carved eyelashes,

the mouth pierced through (likely for an attachment scres)

19th Century or Earlier

3-1/4" High x 3" Wide x 1-1/2" Deep

SOLD / #7633-4




For more about Green Men and what little we know about them



Durham Cathedral, St Mary and St Cuthbert, Durham, England.

One of 16 wooden bosses in the cloisters

(Image : WikiDot / Flickr)















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