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"Baby, It's Cold Outside" was written in 1944 by Frank Loesser, and sung for the first time with his wife Lynn

at the conclusion of a housewarming party at the Navarro Hotel. 

The song was intended as a romantic dialogue between a Wolf and a Mouse.

The words "Wolf" and "Mouse" are actually written on the score.

Unfortunately, we have neither wolf nor mouse, but commissioned a duo that we do have... 

...the yet-to-be-popular singing stars Minnie the Monkey and Fred the Fox.




"Minnie The Monkey"

(her side) :


  "Fred The Fox"

   (his side) :


I really can't stay

I've got to go 'way

This evening has been

So very nice


But, baby, it's cold outside!

But, baby, it's cold outside

Been hoping that you'd drop in

I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice





My mother will start to worry

My father will be pacing the floor

So really I'd better scurry

Well, maybe just half a drink more


Beautiful what's your hurry

Listen to the fireplace roar

Beautiful, please don't hurry

Put some records on while I pour





The neighbors might think

Say, what's in this drink!

I wish I knew how

To break the spell


But, baby, it's bad out there

No cabs to be had out there

Your eyes are like blossoms now

I'll take you hat, your hair looks swell






I ought to say no, no, no sir

At least I'm gonna say that I tried

I really can't stay

Ah but it's cold outside




Mind if I sniff a bit closer?

What's the sense of hurtin' my pride?

Oh, baby, don't hold out

Baby, it's cold outside






I simply must go

The answer is no

This welcome has been

So nice and warm



But, baby, it's cold outside

But, baby, it's cold outside

How lucky that you dropped in

Look out that window at that storm






My sister will be suspicious

My brother will be there at the door

My maiden aunt's mind is vicious

Well, maybe just a little bit more


Gosh, your lips look delicious

Lettuce leaves on a white sandy shore!

Gosh you lips are delicious

Never seen such a blizzard before





I've got to get home

Say, lend me your coat

You've really been grand

But don't you see


But, baby, you'll freeze out there

It's up to you knees out there

I'm thrilled when you touch my hand-le

How can you do this thing to me?





There's bound to be talk tomorrow

At least there will be plenty implied

I really can't stay

Ah, but it's cold outside




Think of my lifelong sorrow

If you caught pneumonia and died

Can't get over that hold out

Ah, but it's cold outside





Baby, it's cold outside!



And Minnie and Fred were stuck by a cupid's bow, turned into handsome human lovers -

 in fancy costumes with a huge castle and dolphin fountain, married, had 6 children

(fortunately none had Fred's ears),

and lived happily ever after....

(courtesy of TD Ameritrade's financial folks)

all because....





"....Baby, it's cold outside!"




In 1948, after performing informally for four years, Loesser sold Baby It's Cold Outside rights to MGM,

who used the song in the 1949 Esther Williams movie, Neptune's Daughter.

It has been recorded by artists too numerous to list,

including Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan, Pearl Bailey and Hop Lips Page,

 James Taylor and Natalie Cole, Sammy Davis Jr. and Carmen McRae,

and of course Dean Martin, with a chorus singing the part of the mouse.

Even in 2013 and 2014, there were 5 additional recordings,

Cheryl Crow and Darius Rucker's version reaching No. 13 on Billboard's weekly Adult Contemporary chart

 (December 27, 2014).




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