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Ming Kraak Porcelain Klapmuts Bowl

Wanli, China, c1600-1610, Rinaldi Group II 

The central roundel painted with "auspicious symbols",
including a lingzhi above a scroll on a ground of ruyi scepters suspending ribbon scrolls and tassels;
the cavetto having lobed panels of peach bloom sprays and auspicious symbols,

divided by opposing ruyi scepters(instead of alternating panels of beaded pendants)
the rim with eight peony blooms, the verso with prunus branches and seated birds;
the sides with lobed peach filled ovals and panels of stylized lingzhi
8.25" Wide / 2.25" Deep

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Ming Dynasty Kraak Porcelain Klapmutsen

Rinaldi, Group IV, China, Wanli, c1605-15

Good strong color, the deep round dish with flattened barbed rim,
the central roundel painted with "auspicious symbols",
the cavetto with four panels of of peach bloom sprays, artemesia leaves,
and beaded pendants;
the rim with cartouches of peaches alternating with ruyi heads,
verso with three small flowers and four lobed jewel-filled ovals
alternating with four narrow panels of stylized "lingzhi"
See "Kraak Porcelain", Rinaldi, Pl. 138, p. 128, for a similarly painted example
5.75" Wide x 2.75" Deep

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Ming Dynasty Kraak Porcelain Klapmutsen

Rinaldi, Group V, Wanli, China, c1600-20

Of good strong color, the deep round dish with a flattened barbed rim,
the central roundel painted with "auspicious symbols",
including an artemesia leaf, a double gourd and lotus head against tied ribbon scrolls and tassels,
the rim divided into four wide and four narrow segments of
oval beach blooms alternating with auspicious symbols
beneath "Toatie" masks and tied ribbons;
verso having two small flowersand four jewel-filled ovals and stylized "lingzhi" \
6" Wide x 2.75" Deep

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Rare Kangxi Blue & White Tripod Teapot

China, c1662-1690

Painted with Chinese figures in a garden before mountains,
the reverse with three geese on a riverbank;
Raised on three splay feet
Very small, at 3.25" High

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Kangxi Chinese Imari Mustard Pot and Pierced Cover

In the Western Form

China, c1662-1722

The front and back panels depicting peonies and chrysanthemum
rising from grasses and below insects,
the cover having a raised center spoon opening.
Mustard pots of this "Western" form, with raised cover spoon opening,
date to the Transitional Perions, and represent
some of the earliest wares ordered specifically for the West.
4.75" High



Three Kangxi / Yongzheng Silver-Mounted Blue & White Small Porcelains


Three Kangxi Silver-Mounted Blue & White Small Porcelains

China, c1680-1722, the Mounts Dutch

Kangxi Silver-Mounted Scent Bottle, c1700, with original interior silver-mounted stopper

Kangxi Blue & White Silver-Mounted Tea Caddy, c1680-1700, Dutch Mounts, Hendrik Frederik Koen

Kangxi / Yongzheng Blue & White Silver-Mounted Lidded Jug, c1680-1730, Dutch, Mounts Jacob Helweg

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Good English Black Onion Bottle,


Having good density and shiny surface,
the verso with a high kick-up and snapped pontil,
the neck with an applied ring
8" High x 5.75" Diameter at Base




Kangxi Blue & White Porcelain Peacock Border Charger
China, 1690-1722
Having eight large central flower-filled petals reserved on a trellis-diapered ground,
the rim with four peach basket cartouches reserved against richly decorated panels
of long-tailed peacocks, within chrysanthemum heads and scrolls.
(A similar large dish is illustrated in "Chinese Ceramics", He Li, p. 288;
In the V&A Museum Collection, museum number : C.792-1910;
And a pair in the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, Avery Brundage Collection)

15-3/8" Wide

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Famille Rose & Black-Ground Moulded Teapot, Cover & Stand

Yongzheng, China,1722-35

The moulded teapot, cover and stand with alternating famille rose and black-ground lotus petals

the teapot base centering an open lotus blossom;

the pale green loop handle moulded a lotus stem

Teapot, 4-5/8" High / 6" Wide, The Stand




Yongzheng Silver-Mounted Blue & White Teapot, c1722-35,

China, Silver Mounts 19th Century Dutch, Mark : TH

The neck and spout with marked silver mounts,

the shoulders painted with wide-bordered lappets filled with chrysanthemum heads and leaves

each side with further chrysanthemum and peonies with

grasses issuing from a blue hollow rock;

4.75" High / 7" Wide Over Spout

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Dutch Painted Chinese Export Teapot, Yongzheng, Fisherman & Flowers Pattern

Dutch Painted Chinese Export Teapot

Yongzheng, Early 18th Century

Enameled in The Netherlands in the Dutch doré manner,
and known as "Basket of Flowers and Fisherman" decoration,
A small bowl of the same pattern was also a late 1727 purchase
by Augustus the Strong for his collection ( the Japanese Palace),
and the inspiratioin for  Helen Espir's book,
"European Decoration on Chinese Porcelain"
5.2" High

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George II Tall Balulster 'Kit Cat' Type Wine Glass

England, c1730 

The drawn trumpet bowl raised on a teared stem centering an inverted baluster
above a cushioned domed folded foot; snapped pontil

6-5/8" High / 3" Diameter, The Foot / 7.4 oz.





Early George II Balustroid Cordial Glass

England, c1730

The simple and elegant glass of good weight,

the round funnel bowl raised on a solid double stem with three knops,

raised on a conical folded foot with snapped pontil

5.5" High




George II Irish Cordial, c1740

A striking and heavy glass of elegant proportions,
the round funnel bowl with weighted base
above a long thick plain stem and high domed foot with snapped pontil

7" High




George II Large Plain Stem Drawn Trumpet Wine

With Folded Foot and Enlongated Tear,

England, c1740-50

7.5" High, The Rim 3-1/2" Wide , The Foot, 3-5/8" Wide

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George II Glass Tazza with Unusual Bulbous Pedestal Stem, England, c1750

The tazza or footed salver with 8-sided bulbous hollow ribbed stem,
having a very slight twist,
with multiple basal collars, on a high domed foot
8.25" Wide, 6" High, 5.25" Wide, the Foot / 24.9 oz. 

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Rare George II Jacobite Water Glass

England, c1750

Engraved with a rose and bud on stem
amongst floralsprays, a winged bird verso,
raised on a beaded knop above a domed foot
4.25" High




Rare Pair of c1750-60 Jacobite Water Bowls

The bodies encircled by finely engraved garlands, including a

6-petaled Jacobite rose, a carnation, honeysuckle,

apples, fruiting vines, other flowers, and a sunflower,.

A pair of wine glasses (Drambuie Collection) having very similar borders

is illustrated in 'The Jacobites & Their Glasses', Seddon, pl. 33 with the following notation :

"With a little imagination the initial letters of the flowers can sometimes be made to spell 'Charles'".

Small glass water bowls as these were often used

in toasting "the King across the water".

4.75" Wide




George II / III Airtwist Cordial

England, c1750-60

A quite heavy glass,the round funnel bowl with fluted lower half,
over a long stem with multiple threads
around a central thick flattened "mercury" thread encircled by a further single thread
6.5" High

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Chelsea "Silver-Moulded" Polychrome Dish
London, c1752-54
Decorated with scattered fruit and insects
11" Wide
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George II Jacobite Engraved Dram or Firing Glass

England, Mid_18th Century

Engraved with a Jacobite 6-petaled rose sided by two buds

issuing from thorny stems.;
the reverse with a thistle raised on an upright thorny stem
and two thistle leaves

3.75" High / 2.5" Wide (Rim) / 2.25" Wide (Foot) / 4.7 oz.



Chinese Canton Enamel European Scene Fluted Dish, Qianlong


Chinese Canton Enamel European Scene Fluted Dish
Qianlong, Mid-18th Century
Depicting a lady and gentleman in 18th century European dress,
each enjoying a glass of wine;
the verso with a puce seal mark
4.5" Diameter




Bow Porcelain Blue & White Octagonal Dessert Dish
England, c1758-60
Painted with lotus and bamboo within a border of
alternating trellis-diapering and lotus flowerheads
reversed into a casually painted blue ground;
the verso painted with the numeral "15" in blue
7.5" Diameter




George II / III Engraved Jacobite Airtwist Wine with Domed Foot

England, c1755-65

 The drawn trumpet bowl engraved with a

6-petaled Jacobite rose sided by one bud and leaves on trailing thorny stems

above a dense airtwist tapering stem
raised on an unusual 'domed foot' with snapped pontil

Of the 487 glasses examined by Geoffrey B. Seddon for

Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses,

only 12 engraved with roses were recorded as having a 'domed foot'

6.25" High




George II / III Engraved Airtwist Stem Ale Glass

England, Mid-18th Century 

The elongated slightly flaring bowl quite finely engraved with hops and barley,
raised on a long tight airtwist stem above a conical foot with snapped pontil
7.75" High / 2.5" Wide, The Rim / 3" Wide, The Foot

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Early George III Engraved Double Series Opaque Twist Ale Glass

England, c1765

The narrow tapering glass engraved with hops and barley
above a double series opaque corkscrew stem
raised on a strong conical foot with snapped pontil
7" High, The Bowl 2.25" Wide, The Foot 2.75" Wide



Jacobite Interest Engraved Cordial Glass, Sunflower & Bird in Flight


Jacobite Interest Engraved Cordial Glass, Sunflower & Bird in Flight
England, c1765 
Engraved with a sunflower and forget-me-not type leafy sprays,
a crested bird in flight to the reverse,
over double series opaque twist stem, having with a multi-ply corkscrew
encircled by a pair of opaque white spiral tapes,
nice weight and grey tone to the glass
7" High / 1.75" Wide, the Bowl / 2.5" Wide, the Foot / 5.3 oz




Bow Porcelain Lobed & Moulded Geranium-Leaf Dish
England, c1765-70

The deep geranium-leaf lobed dish moulded and boldly painted in bright blue
with grape leaves and fruiting vines, small blossoms and scattered insects
within a shaped feuille-de-choux rim,
the verso with a pseudo Oriental character mark

9.5" Long

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Jacobite Interest Engraved Cordial Glass, Daffodil & Bird in Flight, England, c1765 


Jacobite Interest Engraved Cordial Glass, Daffodil & Bird in Flight
England, c1765 
Engraved with a daffodil issuing from leafy stems,
a crested bird in flight to the reverse,
over a double series opaque twist stem,
having a solid multi-ply corkscrew within a pair of six-ply spiral bands,
nice weight and grey tone to the glass
6.5" High / 1-7/8" Wide, the Bowl / 2.75" Wide, the Foot / 5.5 ozt.




George III Glass Tazza with Teared Moulded Pedestal Stem

England, Mid-Late 18th Century

The 8-sided pedestal with rounded shoulders and 2 basal collars,
domed folded foot
8.75" Wide, 5" High, 5" Wide, the Foot / 23 oz.




Rare George III Jacobite Interest Engraved Glass Beaker
England, c1765-75

Engraved to the front with 2 multi-petaled roses, each issuing two rosebuds,
rising from thorny stems, the reverse with three bees in flight
5" High / 4" Wide (Rim) / 3" Wide (Foot) / 14.1 oz. Weight

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Rare First Period Worcester Blue & White
Rococo-Moulded Bough Pot
Former Collection Geoffrey Godden

England, c1770
Of lobed and molded bombe form, printed with a Garden Rose Group pattern,
the high scrolled back pierced for hanging
6.75" High x 9" Wide x 6" Deep


Fine First Period Worcester Sir Joshua Reynolds Scalloped Deep Plate, England, c1770-2


Fine First Period Worcester Sir Joshua Reynolds Scalloped Deep Plate

England, c1770-72

In extraordinary condition,

Inspired by 17th century Japanese Kakiemon palette and design,
depicting a colorful long-tailed pheasant perched on a turquoise hollow rock
sided by a blue branch issuing turquoise leaves and flowers,
within a "wet blue" lobed ground,
with quite intact gilding of leaf sprays alternating with trellis diapering

8.5" Diameter

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Large Blown Glass Footed Center or Punch Bowl
England, c1840

A very substantial deep rounded center or punch bowl of quite heavy glass
raised on a short waisted stem headed by two annulated knops
supported by a thick round conical foot with polished pontil;

9-7/8" Wide Overall, 6" Bowl Depth, 8-7/8" Overall Height
7" Wide, The Foot



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Since mid-March, we have been unable to photograph some of our furniture,

due to space, and pandenmic protocol.

We hope, as do you all, that this situation will abate soon.

In the meanwhile, small images are posted below.

Please do inquire should you have questions.



A Collection of Carved Wooden Green Men,

Ancient Symbols of Renewal and Regeneration

Please click image or title for the collection,

and a little of what is known about these wonderful grimacing faces



Charles II Upholstered Stool, England, c1670


Charles II Upholstered Oak Stool

England, c1670

The small rectangular stool with muted scarlet damask
upholstered top edged by tassels,
raised on baluster legs on turned ball feet and joined by stretchers

16" High x 15.6 Wide x 12.8" Deep

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Queen Anne Carved Walnut & Walnut Veneered Stool
England, c1710
Of rounded rectangular form with walnut veneered slip seat rail,
raised on four well carved scroll and bell-flower carved cabriole legs ending in pad feet
19" High x 16.5" Wide x 21" Deep
SOLD, Before It Could Be Photographed



Good Pair of Queen Anne Wanut Upholstered Back Stools,

England, c1710

Each raised on front cabriole legs intersected below the shoulder

by a horizontal moulding and ending in pad feet

This type of chair is both excellent - and comfortable -

for living rooms, halls, desks, as well as end chairs for dining

41" High x 21" Wide

In Stock, Not Yet Photographed


George I Figured Burr & Straight Grain Walnut Toilet (Dressing) Mirror. c1720-25


George I Figured Burr & Straight Grain Walnut Toilet (Dressing) Mirror
England, c1720-25
With excellent color, retaining original surfaces, mirror plate, antique engraved brasses;
the high shaped mirror crest with brass fittings to the top, possibly for potpourri,
above a miniature replica of a bureau, the fall front opening to a highly figured surface
and shaped fitted interior; lower drawer
34.75" High x: 17.75" Wide x 10.25" Deep

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George I Inlaid 'Tiger Walnut' Lowboy
England, c1720
Inlaid with sycamore and contrasting timbers,
having a shell to the frieze and carved cabriole front legs.
A related highboy is pictured Age of Walnut,(1919 edition)

MacQuoid & Edwards, no.210, with discussion p.225;
with 1978 receipt;
26.5" High x 25.5" Wide x 18" Deep



Rare George I / II Yewwood"Sideboard Type" Open Low Dresser

England or Wales, c1720-40

With deep rich color, as well as good figuration and patination,

the case with pegged mortise & tenon construction,
the two deep cockbeaded drawers centering two small drawers
(possibly for 'spices'), and front cabriole legs;

the frieze carved with inverted hearts aind trefoils, centering palm trees and a trefoil
34.25" High x 64" Long x 16.25" Deep

In Stock, Not Yet Photographed


George I / II Cast Brass Snuffer & Upright (Pedestal) Stand, England, 1720-45


Early Georgian Cast Brass Scissor-Form Snuffers & Upright (Pedestal) Stand

England, c1720-40

The heavy cast brass scissor snuffers with long handles,

a curved box and pointed end
resting in an upright stand with flanged rim and reeded receptacle
over a knopped and reeded stem and shaped square base

9" High Overall / 19.2 oz.

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George II Walnut Veneer & Parcel Gilt Mirror, England, c1730


George II Walnut Veneer & Parcel Gilt Mirror
England, c1730
The architecturally infuenced walnut veneered frame with parcel gilt decoration,
having a scrolled broken arch pediment centering an acanthus leaf cartouche,
sided by acanthus-carved scrolls ending in coiled rosettes;
each side with floral and foliate dependent scrolls,
the base of graceful C- and S-scroll form;
the antique thin and shallowly beveled mirror plate with a carved giltwood slip
52" High x 25.5" Wide
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George II Walnut & Burr Walnut Veneer Side Chair

With Double Wavy Crestrail

England, c1735

Raised on shell headed cabriole legs to the front,
ending in well carved ball and claw feet ;

(the current needlework associated)
39"High, 23" Wide, 21.5" Deep




George II Carved Oval Giltwood Mirror

England, c1755

Having antique and possibly original mirror plate

with a border of C- and S-scrolls and floral pendants,

the crest and apron with asymmetrical acanthus spray

Provenance : with Ronald Phillips, London

38.75"High x 22" Wide




George III Diminutive Mahogany Chest of Drawers

England, c1765
Attributed to Thomas Chippendale
A quite stylish diminutive chest of drawers,
having a rectangular moulded top above

an unusual four short and two long graduated drawers
retaining the original brasses and raised on shaped bracket feet;

red wash to the underside; laminated blocks to the feet
33" High, 33" Wide, 21.25" deep
In Stock, Not Yet Photographed



Elegant Pair of George III Carved Mahogany & Brass Candlesticks

England, c1790-1800

The elongated reeded baluster shafts surmounted by urn-form brass nozzles
and threaded into a turned and weighted circular feett
13.25" High

In Stock, Linked



George III Faded Mahogany Kettle Stand
England, c1790
Of lovely faded mahogany with harewood stringing, the oval crossbanded top
within a wavy gallery and conforming frieze with cup slide,
raised on wide splayed square tapering legs outlined with harewood stringing
and ending in spade feet
24.75" High, 14.25" Wide, 10.75" Deep

SOLD Before It Could Be Photographed



George III Harewood Inlaid Mahogany Kettle Stand
England, c1790
Retaining lovely color and patination, as well as the original leather castors,
having harewood stringing throughout,
the rounded square top within a conforming wavy gallery
above a figured mahogany-veneered and crossbanded frieze with cup slide,
raised on slender square tapering legs ending in spade feet
28.25" Hig, 13.75" Wide,13.75" Deep
SOLD Before It Could Be Photographed



Regency Mahogany Writing Table
England, c1815,
in the manner of Gillows
Retaining the early polished surfaces,
the crossbanded top inset with tooled leather
the downswept legs enging square brass caps and castors
30.25" High x 33" Wide x 20" Deep
SOLD Before It Could Be Photographed



Regency Cuban Mahogany & Brass Adjustable Reading or Music Stand
England, c1815
With wonderful rich color and patination to the fine timbers,
the ratcheting easel top having a rest, two swiveling brass page clips, and revolving brass candlestand,
raised on an adjustable brass column above a baluster standard
and double C-scroll tripod legs ending in upturned scrolled toes and ball feet
Height: 37" High x 14.2" Wide x 10.25" Deep

In Stock, Not Yet Photographed



Edwardian Mahogany Library Steps in the Regency Manner

England, Early 20th Century

Graceful and compact stairs, having two steps
sided by slender cylindrical front and rear uprights
supported on four toupie feet;

lovely color and patina

60" High x 22"Wide x 21" Deep

(In Stock, Not Yet Photographed)

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Richard Hayley Lever

Australian / American (1875-1958)

"Low Tide, St. Ives"

Oil on Panel / Signed Verso Hayley Lever.

Provenance : Clayton Liberatore Galleries, Long Island NY

6.25" x 9.25"

In Stock, Not Yet Photographed



Norwood Creech
Tennessee / Arkansas Contemporary
"Gilded Veggie High Tunnel at Whitton Farms"

Mississippi County, Arkansas
(Painted on Location)
Charcoal and Oil on Metallic Ground, on Linen
Signed Lower Right : Norwood Creech 2018
Image Size : 24" x 48"

In Stock, Not Yet Photographed



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Five Silver Thimbles, dating from James I (c1620) to c1770

the page also with a link to a story about these thimbles,

written to share with your children.




Rare George II Silver Straight 24-Piece Dessert Set of Pistol-Handled Knives & Forks
Dru Drury, c1720 
The 12 silver 2-tine dessert 2-tine forks,
and 12 dessert knives having scimitar II blades,
(the blades unmarked but apparently silver)
all with cast flat-sided pistol handles,
the terminal butts decorated with a short acanthus scroll
6.25" Long, the Forks / 7.75" Long, the Knives
41.2 oz. Total





George I Silver Tazza

London, 1720, Possibly Hugh Arnett & Edward Pocock

The small round tazza, or footed waiter, with a plain surface and moulded rim
on a short hand raised trumpet form foot;
rubbed makers maker in a quatrefoil, with P clearly stuck in right lobe
5.75" Diameter x 1.75" High / 5.1 oz.


George I Rattail Silver Mote Spoon, c1725


George I Silver Rattail Mote Spoon

Mark Partially Struck, London, c1725

The one-piece spoon with elongated bowl and rattail attachment,
the bowl symmetrically pierced with stylized scrolling foliage below a fleur de lis,
the shaft ending in an early small spearhead
6" Long / .2 oz




Early George II Silver Tot Cup

George Greenhill Jones, 1731, London 

The side with contemporary scratched initials W.C

2-3/8" High / 2.2 oz.

In Stock, Linked


Fine George II Silver Diminutive Cream Boat, John Swift 1747


Fine George II Diminutive Silver Cream Boat
John Swift, London, 1747
Of exceptional weight, the oval bowl having a shaped rim
and raised on three leaf-capped knees and heavy scroll feet;
4-5/8" Long x 2-1/2" Wide x 3-1/2" High (Over handle)
Weight : 4.8 oz.









Harlequin Set of Twelve George II / III Hanoverian Silver Dessert Spoons :
All London. 1745-1763 :
Ebenezer Coker, 1745 : (1) crested / Ebenezer Coker, 1746 : (2) / Peter Bennett, 1749 : (1) crested ;
Thomas & William Chawner, 1759 (2) ; Thomas & William Chawner, 1762-3 (2) crested
Edward Dobson & Pryor Williams (2 ) crested ; 1746 (1) maker's mark cast over, crested ;

1749 (1) : maker's mark rubbed.
Each with upturned tip and rattail attachment to the bowl / 6.5" Long
Set of 12, 13.8 oz. Total Weight

In Stock - Linked (The Spoons Available)




Harlequin Set of Twelve George II / III Hanoverian Silver 3-Tine Dessert Fork, London :
Walter Brind, 1784 (5) / George Smith, 1781 (2) / Thomas & William Chawner, 1766 (2)
Thomas Chawner, 1775 (1) / William Cripps, 1763 (1) / Indistinct, 1753 (1)
Each in excellent condition with good long tines
and without crests, initials or removals evident
Set of 12 : 15 oz. Total

(The Forks Sold)




Fine George II Cast Silver Taperstick
John Quantock, London 1753
A quite fine example, of heavy gauge and fine detailing,
the spool nozzle with finely gadrooned bandings,
above a stem with shell and leaf knops above an annulated gadrooned knop,
and encircling basal fine gadrooning atop the the square shaped shell decorated base
5.25" High / 5.3 oz




Straight Set of 12 George III Silver Hanoverian Tablespoons
Isaac Callard, London, 1757
Of heavy gauge silver withsingle drop heel
Each engraved en suite with the crest of a wolf (or fox) sejant ppr.
8.25" Long / 31.2 oz.


In Stock - Linked



Good Pair of Early George III Silver Candlesticks
William Abdy I, London, 1764
Each squared swirled and fluted detachable bobeche
over a gadrooned nozzle and standard having a swirled knop and a lower gadrooned knop,
above a conformingly swirled stepped and gadrooned base;
fully hallmarked to the footrim; each bobeche with maker's mark and lion passant;
11.25" High x 4.75" Wide x 4.75" Deep (the bases) / 61.9 oz. Total Weight




Fine Pair of George III Cast Silver Candlesticks
William Cripps, London, 1766
In the rococo manner,
each crested to base and bobeche with an eagle displayed with two heads sable
(family of Hanrott, of the City of London)
11.5" High / 51.3 oz.



Early George III Silver Beaker

William Shaw, London, 1766

Arms of William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland

Of very heavy gauge silver having the usual tapering form and folded rim
The arms ensigned with a duke's coronet, the whole resting upon a robe of estate.
The 3rd Duke of Portland served 2 terms as Prime Minister of Great Britain
& of the United Kingdom; also held the office of Chancellor of the University of Oxford
He is also the great, great, great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.
3.75" High / 8.2 oz.




Harlequin Set of 6 George III Silver Onslow Dessert Spoons

London, c1766-7

John Gibbons (4), Ebenezer Coker (1), London (date mark rubbed),
Stephen Adams (1)

Of good gauge silver, the slender tapering shaft with a cast overscrolled terminal,
the oval bowls, 4 having a facet-drop heel, two with single drop heel
6.5" Long / 7.7 oz.



Early George III Rococo Cast Silver Taperstick, Wm. Cafe, 1767


Early George III Cast Silver Taperstick
William Cafe, London, 1767
The spool form nozzle with fine gadrooning and removable shell bobeche,
the standard with shell and gadrooned knops over a sexfoil shell base;
fully marked to the verso
5.5" High / 5.27 oz.




Three George III Silver Goblets :

George III Silver Goblet, Peter & William Bateman, London, 1805, 8.2 oz (Sold)

Large George III Ceremonial Goblet, Robert & Samuel Hennell, London, 1810, 7.75" High, 22.4 oz.(Sold)

George III Double Crested Silver Goblet, Charles Aldridge & Henry Green, London, 1770, 8 oz.(Sold)




Fine George III Irish Silver Bright Cut Meat Skewer

John Power, Dublin c1780
A very attractive shaped meat skewer, having an open ring hold
and fully bright cut to each side,
the upper side with additional oval crested with a falcon, on breast a lozenge
12 5/8" Long / 2.3 oz.





George III Silver Lidded & Bright Cut Tankard

Langlands & Robertson, Newcastle, England, 1782 

Of heavy gauge silver, the cover with central unengraved shield
surrounded by foliate engraving and bright cut border and rim;
marked to the underside of body and lid; gilded to the interior
7.5" High x 7.5" Wide / 27.8 oz.



George III Silver Argyll (Argyle), Fogelberg & Gilbert


George III Silver Argyll
Andrew Fogelberg & Stephen Gilbert, London, 1790
The vase-shaped body above a pedestal stem and circular reeded foot,
reeded domed pull-off cover with pineapple finial,
the body engraved with the arms and motto of
Nicholas Owen Smythe later Smythe-Owen (1769-1804), Condover Hall, Shropshire :

Smythe quartering the quarterly arms of Leighton and Owen for Owen,

VIDEO MELIORA PROBOSQUE (I see and approve of better things);
the cover also crested :

a crane's head erased at neck holding in his beak a fish (also for Smythe-Owen);
having a wooden scroll handle and an internal heating compartment
8" High /13.3 oz.



George III Ebony & Silver 2-Tined Toasting Fork, c1790


George III Ebony & Silver 2-Tined Toasting Fork
England, c1780, The Silver, Unmarked
The long turned ebony shaft ending in a silver reeded and knopped ferrule and
two silver tines, and tipped with a silver ring-form handle
Toasting forks were used almost daily in the Georgian period for the fireplace
toasting of butter bread and crumpets, as well as cheese sandwiches.

31.5" Long


George III Ebony & Silver 2-Tined Toasting Fork, c1790




George III / IV Silver-Mounted "Lettered-Olive" & Tortoishell Snuff Box

Probably Scotland, late 18th / Early 19th Century

A very good box, the shell purported one of the largest of its kind,

the well figured and pink-tinged“Lettered Olive” shell

having a hinged tortoiseshell lid and silver mounts,

the silver unmarked

4.25" Long / 3.4 Total oz.




Good Pair of George III Silver Bottle Tickets
Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London, 1794
Engraved PORT, and SHERRY,
surmounted by a shield sided by two c-scrolls and
engraved in contemporary conjoined script; JHC
1.5" High x 1.75" Wide

In Stock. Linked


Good George III Silver Nutmeg Grater, of Barrel Form, London, 1800 


Good George III Silver Nutmeg Grater, of Barrel Form
John Shekelton, London, 1800 
Of heavy gauge silver in three parts,
the screw-off top threaded onto the base
retaining the silver-banded original blue steel grater;
marks exceptionally crisp and detailed
1-3/4" High, 1-3/16" Diameter at Waist
.9 oz.



Fine George III Silver Tumbler Cup, Samuel Strahan, London, 1807


Fine George III Silver Tumbler Cup
Samuel Strahan, London, 1807
Crested for the Family of "Turner"
Of fine quality and exceptionally heavy (4.6 oz.) for its size
Crested for the Family of "Turner" ::
a lion passant gu, holding in dexter in paw a laurel branch vert.
2-1/8" High, 2-5/8" Diameter / 4.6 oz.




Pair of George III Crested Silver Beakers
Thomas Wallis II, London, 1813
The round tapering bowls with reeded rims,
crested with a lion sejant, holding in dexter paw a spear upright.

"Beakers at any date are comparatively rare, but during the 19th century,

there are so many small mugs and goblets that it seems few beakers were made".
Antique Silver,
Peter Waldron, p. 165
2.75" High x 2 3/8" Diameter / 6.31 ozs.




Good Pair of Matthew Boulton Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coolers
England, c1815
Each of campana form ,
centering to each side the marital arms of Halliday and Harvie;
above a part-fluted lower section;
having detachable collars and liners;
each foot verso with twin suns having faces mark
In Stock, Linked



George III Irish Silver Rattail Straining Spoon
James Scott, Dublin 1818
Fiddle Pattern, the large ovoid bowl with rattail attachment verso,
and slotted and pierced divider to the interior center,
the terminal crested with a demi-lion rampant, in dexter paw a crescent
12.5" Long / 5.3 oz.



George IV Silver Waiter or Stand, Charles Price


George IV Silver Waiter or Stand
Charles Price, London, 1827
Of quite fine quality and heavy weight,
having a plain round unengraved field surrounded by an undulating pierced border
on three leaf and scroll openwork engraved feet
7.5" Diameter / 12.2 oz




Very Fine & Large George IV Silver Straining Spoon

William Chawner, London, 1827

The large strainer spoon of heavy gauge silver,

double-struckFiddle-Thread pattern,
the bowl with a single drop heel centering
an arched and threaded strainer having fine scrolled piercing,
the terminal engraved with a contemporary conjoined script monogram, "WMB"
16.25" Long / 11.2 oz.






Fine Pair of William IV Silver Dishes / Stands
Paul Storr, London, 1836 / Irish Interest
Of shaped circular form with applied gadrooned borders,
the marital arms to the rim for the family of Challoner quartering Bisse impaling Tottenham
Portnall Park, Virginia Water, Surrey;

the deep cavetto encircling late 19th century arms
for the family Coote, Baronets of Castle Cuffe, Queen County, Ireland
9.5" Diameter / 52.6 oz.






Fine Set of 18 Early Victorian Silver-Gilt & Bloodstone Dessert (Fruit & Cheese Knives)

George Adams of Chawner & Co, 1841 (17 / John & Henry Lias, 1847 (1), London


Crested for the Family of Hodson, Holybrooke House, Bray, Wicklow

For dessert use, both with cheese and fruit,

each silver-gilt pointed blade fully marked and engraved with a crest :
A dove close azure beaked and membered or holding in her beak an olive branch proper,
the gilt ferrule attached to a part-fluted bloodstone haft

8.5" Long




Fine & Rare Set of 12 Victorian Silver-Gilt Fiddle-Thread-Shell
Ice Cream Shovels

Elizabeth & John Eaton, London,1858-59
Of quite heavy gauge silver and double struck
the terminals also engraved with the coronet of a marquess
5.5" Long / 13.97 oz.




Unusual Edward VII Silver Desk Compendium, W. J. Myatt & Co.

Birmingham 1903

The elongated rounded rectangular tray with f scrolling pen rests to one end,
and a hinged rectangular sealing-wax holder above
a rectangular vesta with geometrically engraved hinged cover,
the whole raised on four splay feet;

6.5" Long, 2-3/8" High Overall / 2.7 oz.



( Silver Page :  https://www.mfordcreech.com/silver.html )





(listed chronologically) : 


These will be photographed as time allows.

Please do inquire at any time, if interested.

Pieces are sometimes sold before they can be photographed.



Set of 6 George I Silver Rattail Table Spoons, Charles Jackson, London, 1721 (In Stock)


Rare George I Britannia Standard Gadrooned & Crested Tazza, Sarah Holaday, London, 1722 (In Stock)


Three George II Irish Silver Marrrow Spoons, Esther Forbes, Dublin c1730-1735 (Incoming)


George II Irish Carved Mahogany Stool, the deep apron centering a 'green man' mask, c1740 (Incoming)


Fine Pair of George II Cast Silver Rococo Candlesticks, John Cafe, London, 1755 (Incoming)


George III Provincial Silver Quart Mug, John Landands I, Newcastle, 1770 (Incoming) 

George III Vase-Form Silver Argyll, Beaded Rims, Daniel Smith & Robert Sharp, London, 1783 (Incoming) 


Rare George III Silver Two-Handled Goblet, Peter & Jonathan Bateman, London, 1791 (In Stock) 


George III Silver Bougie Box, crested for Earl Grey, Richard Cooke, London, 1800 (Incoming - Reserved)


Pr. George III Silver Strawberry Dishes, marital arms of Brymer& Tugwell, Philip Rundell, London, 1819(Incoming) 


George IV Silver Kitchen Grater, Charles Rawlings, the back with coat of arms, London, 1824 (Incoming) 



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